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Annettes Diner in the Disney Village at Disneyland Paris is an American style diner were you might see a few waiters on roller-skates. I’ve heard in the evening the atmosphere really picks up and it has a proper rock ‘n’ roll vibe however we headed here for a late lunch during our recent holiday. The diner is one of the closer places to the Disneyland Parks and is very easy to see. There is plenty of seating on the two floors including some lovely booths. The three of us really wanted to try this place so we were really looking forward to it. You cannot reserve a table in advance here and there were red ropes outside so during peak times you may be expected to wait quite a long time for a table as it is very popular.american diner, diner, disney, disneyland paris

Annettes has around three meal deals which include two or three courses as well as a child menu for €18 and that includes a starter, main course, dessert and a drink. The starter is a tomato and mozzarella salad, my daughter went for a hot dog and chips for her main meal and finished with vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and smarties for pudding which I very happily helped her to finish. Myself and my partner didn’t really fancy any more than one course so he had a cheeseburger and I went for a chilli dog. Both came with fries and we each ordered a coke. The entire meal cost us around €60 which for three of us sounds pretty much right to be honest. The chilli dog was huge as well so it was really filling and my daughter couldn’t quite finish her main course either. Because of this I found it really good value for money. Annettes also have a burger challenge which is a huge stacked burger with extra onion rings and fries. If you finish it you get a free milkshake and as the milkshakes are worth €10 each it’s quite a good prize although whether you could manage a shake after…I’m not sure, they looked huge!

Annette's Diner

We really enjoyed Annettes and didn’t wait very long to be seated or for our food which was great. The toilets are located at the back and were found clean and in good working order. The booths are comfortable and some have little juke boxes on them but as they said they needed 1 franc to play a song we weren’t sure if they worked. Service was fine although it was fairly busy but we didn’t feel rushed throughout our meal which was great. I would love to go back in the evening as apparently it really livens up and some of the servers dance to particular songs which I think would be fantastic entertainment value.

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