Rainforest Cafe – Disney Village

rainforest cafe disneylandOn our last day in Disneyland we had our most expensive meal at the Rainforest café which was €75 for the three of us. The Rainforest Café is situated in the Disney Village and is rainforest themed as the name suggests. I’ve personally never been to the one in London so had no idea what to expect. As you walk in you first enter a toy shop which made waiting for a table a little easier as my daughter was mesmerised by the cuddly toys. We walked through a little aquarium as well which had a huge variety of tropical fish swimming over your head and in the two large pillars as you walked into the main part of the restaurant. Inside there was rocks, trees and hanging vines with a huge selection of animals coming out of the wall. We sat close to a huge elephant which every so often made a noise and shook his trunk.rainforest cafe disneyland

The effects of the restaurant were really well thought of and included the light changing every half an hour or so and the feel of a thunderstorm with sound effects. My daughter absolutely loved this as it was really well themed and she’d never been somewhere like that before. It was great.rainforest cafe disneyland

The food here was okay. It wasn’t brilliant and I do feel you kind of pay more for the theming and the brand of where you are than the food but it was filling and tasty. It just felt a bit dry like it had been sat under a hot plate for a long time and we had a long wait for our starter and my daughters main course – they came out together which was good as we hadn’t asked for that to happen. My partner and I shared the chicken wings which were really tasty and came with carrot sticks and a blue cheese dipping sauce. There were around 8 wings in the bucket which was good. My daughter had cod goujons and fries which came with a sauce that she didn’t enjoy so I happily took it off her plate. My partner had the fajitas which come on a tower and include four wraps, a plate of sticky chicken and onions and a selection of extras like salsa, sour cream and guacamole. He really enjoyed them and found them filling. I had the Louisiana burger which came with Franks Hot Sauce – my favourite ever hot sauce – which was great however the lettuce in the burger was very limp and the bread roll looked a bit flat and hard. Still I ate it all and enjoyed it but just didn’t have the wow factor I expected for a long wait to be seated and for such an excellently themed place. My daughter finished her meal with a push up ice cream which kept her happy.rainforest cafe disneyland

The toilets are quite awkwardly placed as you need to leave the café, go into the shop and walk up a little side area back into the café to use the toilets which was quite frustrating but that can’t really be helped.

Overall we had a nice experience in the Rainforest café but I do feel once you’ve been to one you don’t really need to go again.


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