Meet The Photographer

I decided to start blogging through photographs as well as words thanks to a little March blogging challenge that I found. So I guess that means I need to upload a photograph of myself. So here I am! This is me, 24 year old full time mother to my little baby girl mini-KAT. I’d like to say I was fairly ambitious, and one day I hope to create something beautiful with words. I have great appreciation for properly used language, English or another, yet I am only fluent in one, and I use the term fluent quite loosely.

kayleigh  I regularly like to colour my hair outrageous colours, I love body modification like piercings and tattoos, of which I have a fair few. I like things vintage and old fashioned and hectic and cluttered. I love quilting and scrapbooking and crafty things. I want to make my own dresses but I am no way a fashion icon. I love corsets and huge hooped skirts and ball gowns, but I can’t dance and have no chance to wear those things. I take inspiration from the Victorian era within my clutter, the 50’s and have a huge collection of things that are patterned with polka dots. I like soap that looks (and smells) like cake. I also like disaronno, because that also smells like cake. And I like cake. Too much.

So that’s who I am, quirky and creative in my own special way, loved and liked by enough and plenty, and as someone that really just wants to live and enjoy living.

As this was the first post published you can get to know me by watching this video or reading about who I am today here.



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