A Bath without bubbles is no bath at all! Lush Review – The Comforter

**Please note I’m not lucky enough to be given these products for free and this is my own personal review of the product!**

One of my favourite products from Lush is The Comfortor Bubble Bar. It was the first Bubble Bar I ever used and one I will keep going back to because it is one of the longest lasting products, it smells amazing, and pink baths are the best. This can be purchased in store and online for £4.75 and is, like you would expect from bubble bath products, can be used more than once.

How, How Often, How Much to use?
The bubble bar can be used a couple of times, depending on how bubbly you want your bath and how pink you want the water. On average it can be broken into four to six pieces. I use it quite sparingly and get at least six uses from each bubble bar (when my boyfriend and daughter don’t steal a chunk for themselves…it happens, it’s annoying!) and I don’t use it in every single bath, it just depends on whether I’m in a rush or whether I can relax.

You basically crumble a section of the bubble bar into the bath under running water. The harder the water hits the crumbs the more bubbles you will get. The bath is usually a creamy pastel pink colour and a lovely candyfloss sweet and blackcurrant fruity fragrance. It’s not too sweet, or too fruity though, it’s just right. My daughter loves the smell and loves the colour as well as the amount of bubbles just a small chunk can give off. I personally probably use the size of about a 50p (but thicker) which gives a great colour and lots of lovely long lasting bubbles – at least, they last long enough until I need to wash my hair. Bubble head is not my best look!

This is suitable for every day use if you need to but probably wouldn’t work well in a shower!

I really love this bubble bar and everything about it and apparently so does the whole family. No one has noticed any reactions so it is suitable for our skin types. The full list of ingredients can be found here.

I think it was the scent that initially drew me in to this bubble bar as it really is lovely and the pink colour is just an added bonus for me. When crumbling the bubble bar can get stuck on your hands as its quite a creamy texture but it just washes off. It’s always best to give the bath a quick rinse afterwards as well to get rid of any lose crumbs that decided not to fufill their purpose and transform into bubbles. Because the texture is very soft the bath doesn’t feel ‘gritty’ as it has with previous bubble bars I have used.

I recommend this for anyone that loves luxurious bubbles and enjoys pink bath water. I think the colour changing effect is especially interesting to children and just makes bath time extra fun!

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  1. really need to try this one out, i have had others but still need to get round to getting this one! i am a self confessed lushie xx

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