The Wellington House Hotel, Blackpool – Review

I really believe that accommodation can make or break a holiday especially when you are working on a budget as you’re looking for the best deal with enough space for the family and a great location. Our recent trip to Blackpool consisted of a lot of research on hotels within our price range that slept three adults and one under five as well as having a private bathroom and central enough that we could walk to where we wanted to be and I am very pleased with our finding through of the Wellington House Hotel located on Coop Street for our Monday-Friday break.

The location of the hotel is absolutely fantastic. It’s a few streets back from the seafront yet close enough that you can see the sea from our room. We were located on the top floor in Room 35 which is big enough to sleep five people. It’s surrounded by other B&B’s but each night it was really quiet so we weren’t disturbed from outside noise. Everything was within walking distance including a few convenience stores for bottled water – we have been away during the great Lancashire water crisis and didn’t really want to risk the tap water…At night you could see the Ferris Wheel all lit up on Central Pier which was lovely and in the morning you heard the horses walking up the road ready to provide carriage rides for people. The location of this hotel was completely ideal for us.

The Hotel & Facilities
I am not sure if the hotel caters for those who have physical disabilities as we didn’t look for accessible rooms however I didn’t see a lift and there are a lot of narrow stairs.
There is a bar for hotel guests only which was filled with other families during the time we stayed so it reassured us that families are very welcome during the week and the kids are allowed to stick around. There’s an Xbox available for use too as well as a couple of fruit machines, a pool table and a beer garden where guests are able to smoke. We had a room only rate however breakfast is available at £6 per person, per night and there is quite a good sized dining room located at the back of the bar. One thing we found strange was Reception was rarely open and we struggled to find staff when we wanted to ask questions, it didn’t hinder our stay and there were phone numbers around for emergencies. There was always a member of staff around at night to work the bar as well so when we did have questions we knew in the evening someone would be there. One thing we did have to do, however, was buy a pint of milk as we didn’t have enough for our cuppa – I’m a two coffee in the AM kinda gal, and not knowing who to ask for extras was a little frustrating. The hotel was easy to find after a day of wondering around thanks to the use of LED blue lights which I quite liked.
The hotel caters to Stag and Hen do’s at the weekends and I think the hotel is an ideal place to get ready before a night out with a couple of drinks in an energetic, friendly atmosphere. I can see why it would be a good choice for these kind of weekends away.

The Room
Our room was a quintuple room with a double bed, single bed and set of bunk beds which was more than enough for the four of us. We had one wardrobe, a chest of draws, mirror, chair, bedside cabinet, lamp, tea & coffee facilities and private shower room. The floor was hard wood with a rug, I suppose this is just in case a larger group have a heavy night and to make it as easy to clean as possible which also works well for families, especially when sand seems to stick to you so easily and doesn’t get embedded into a carpet. It was incredibly clean with clean, fresh linen on each bed and plenty of towels. The towels and linen are changed when you leave the room which wasn’t a problem for us as the towels dried quickly. We had a TV and freeview available in the room too.

The shower was large and very clean. It was easy to use and so lovely after walking around in the sun to come back and have a nice, cool shower. Hand soap is provided however you need to bring your own shampoo/conditioner.
I found the beds very comfortable and easy to sleep on. We had plenty of space for our items although we didn’t really unpack – I guess we felt we didn’t really need to but there was enough space for us to do so. The back of the door had hooks for coats and jackets to hang up to save space in the wardrobe too.

*Great location
*Friendly Staff – emergency contact details all over the hotel just in case
*Clean rooms
*Fresh Linen
*Good facilities
*Families Welcome
*Plenty of Tea/Coffee
*Hairdryers/Irons available on request with refundable deposit

*No air con/fan – it was very hot each night, we asked for a fan but only a small one was available and it didn’t really keep the heat off us. This made for a difficult night sleep despite the windows being open all day, every day.
*Reception times unclear. There didn’t seem to be a person around all day for reception so we couldn’t actually ask about using a hairdryer, extra milk or a fan.

We have had a fantastic holiday and our stay at the wellington was pleasant thanks to the clean rooms and space enough for all of us. We paid £250 for our room which looking back was a little on the expensive side. I would value the room at around £170 for a four night break as it was very simple. What we needed however with four people in one room there needed to be fans readily accessible. We would have been happy to put down a deposit for this if need be as it was just so hot at night. I can’t comment on the food/drink as we didn’t sample any but I was really impressed with how clean and spacious the room was on arrival for a budget hotel. There are plenty of facilities within the hotel too which make it a really lovely place to stay if you wanted to spend a night in rather than out you were very welcome to do so and children banging around really weren’t a problem for anyone.

For our break it was what we needed, a bed to sleep in and a shower to wash in.

You can view the hotel here.



  1. Stephanie says:

    I’ve never been to Blackpool but it sounds like you had a good time and your hotel sounds lovely x

  2. Really interesting review! Nothing worse then a room with no air con!!

  3. leeshastarr says:

    Great review, it looks like a great great hotel if you’re staying in Blackpool. I hate when I’m at a hotel and there isn’t a clear timing for reception

  4. Shame about the lack of air con; it would be useful at hot stuffy day

    1. Kat says:

      It really was frustrating especially at night!

  5. Louise farmery says:

    Thank you for the review. We are going in October half term, so was an interesting read x

    1. Kat says:

      Oh I’m so glad it helped you! I’m sure it will be easier to sleep in then cooler weather. Have a great time! X

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