Top 6 Things To Do in Blackpool 

We have recently spent the last four nights/five days in Blackpool as a family holiday and I wanted to share with you my favourite things we got to do. It was a great holiday but in the peak of the summer holidays so very busy.

1. Coral Island Amusement Arcade

This was were we spent about half hour to an hour each night on the games machines. The choice is huge in here and the best arcade I have been too. Plenty of slot machines, an over 18s area, guitar hero, dance machines, shooting games and our personal favourite the 2p machines of which my daughter is an expert.

I think in total we spent about £15 in here on games and had a lot of fun. What I love is that you can win tickets playing games and they can be exchanged for prizes so my daughter came home with quite a stash including a Frozen backpack and pencil case as well as some dolls and sweets. Some people had amazing amounts of tickets and there were some great prizes available like Nerf Guns, Ps4, Ninetendp Ds and massive teddies.

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Rides for Children
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Rides for Children

Here we are in one of the rides in Nicklodean land. This can be expensive so if you’re spending the whole day and want to go on all the rides you can get a wristband for £30 which includes entrance fee. If you just want to go on one big ride and take advantage of the free attractions then pay £10 for entrance and the one ride. If you want to go on more than one but have only a few in mind, you can buy tokens but you have to buy at least 10 per person so that is also £10. Entrance fee alone is £6 so it’s worth planning the day properly to get the best value for money. It gets busy but lines moved fairly quickly. It was fun and there are a lot of rides there!

3. Stanley Park
This is my daughter and Adam having a drink and ice cream in the cafe Parks at Stanley Park which is a huge, beautiful park with pedal boats £5 per boat, a massive outside play area for children, a high ropes activity area, land train around the park and beautiful walk ways.

4. The Beach

We found the tide very strange in Blackpool as this picture was taken at about 1pm and the tide was very high. It goes out later in the afternoon presenting lots of wet sand, ideal for sandcastle making.

Playing on the Beach at Low Tide
Playing on the Beach at Low Tide

5. Blackpool Zoo
My daughter recently decided she really loves Giraffes and at the Zoo got her face painted like one. We had a fantastic day out and especially loved the sea lion show.

6. Horse and Carriage ride on the promenade

This was £20 for two miles and it was expensive but a novelty treat we all enjoyed in a Princess carriage.

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  1. Arielle says:

    Blackpool looks like such a charming place! I hope I will be able to visit one day 🙂

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  3. Left Back says:

    I really like blackpool although it’s a while since i’ve been there.

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