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Autumn Coats & Jackets Wishlist

It’s September which inevitably means that it’s going to start getting a little cooler and therefore time for the warmer, winter wardrobe to come out of storage and certain items that will need replacing. This is a great time to get a new winter coat or invest in some warmer jackets as the nights get darker. I have recently been browsing through to get some inspiration for some warmer coats and jackets.  What I really like about this site is they have a fantastic range of high street and designer brands. I’ve loved looking through the Ralph Lauren sale myself, it’s nice to know some of the higher end products can actually come into my price range through this site!

I think I’ve found some lovely pieces and I hope you’ll agree!

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I love the colours on this mac style coat, they really remind me of autumn. This is the type of coat I can cover up in on a clear, dry morning on the school run. I really love the style and the print on this and think even though it’s getting colder doesn’t mean clothes need to get darker too!

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I really like this, the colour is nice and neutral so it makes it easy to pair with so many other items and it looks like it would be lovely to snuggle up in on a cold day with a nice big bowl of hot soup. Autumn here means layers both inside and out and this looks perfect for inside the home or, again, for a dry afternoon stroll.

lilac jacket, daisy print jacket, autumn wishlistThis jacket is a little more formal but I just love the design and the daisy print. This would be perfect for office wear or a formal evening occasion just to keep the chill off.

rose gold jacekt, pale peach jacket, lovethesalesAnother slightly more formal jacket which would look perfect over a little black dress with some glammed up accessories. Perfect for a night out. I really love the colour of this jacket and the print is really cute. A fairly neutral colour that can be matched easily with other block colours but I wouldn’t pair this with any abstract prints.

lovethesales, showerproof jacket, womens jacket, autumn wishlistNow it wouldn’t be a true British girl wishlist without something a little more element friendly! I love this showerproof jacket. It’s a great colour and looks perfect for the wetter school runs early in the morning.

beige parker, winter coat, autumn wishlist, lovethesalesThe last one on my wishlist is this beige parka. Something warm, wind and wet proof as we drift closer to winter making it all the more easier to actually leave the house. I love the length on this and of course the fact that it’s hooded makes it an ideal winter coat.

What is on your Autumn Wishlist?

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