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Considering Plastic Surgery? A Few Things To Think About

I am all about body confidence and promoting a healthy body image. I really do believe that a lot of people, particularly women, suffer from self-esteem, body confidence, and appearance anxiety issues because we live in an age where beauty matters. There are a lot of things you can do to improve your self-confidence and body image including living a healthy and active lifestyle, however, there are some things and some parts of the body that can’t really be controlled, altered or improved. It isn’t always about making something look better or bigger either, sometimes people just aren’t happy with the shape of their nose, their breasts, they want a more natural look and they believe that improving this would give their self-confidence a boost. In my experience I’ve known a lot of friends have corrective and plastic surgery for enhancements and the change in their mentality is amazing. It’s like I have a new, confident friend that has had a big self-esteem boost.

There are so many procedures and surgeries available these days to help you change your body shape. The most important thing to think about is why you want to make a change and of course using a reputable surgeon to go through this with you. It isn’t all about enhancements either, some people speak to a plastic surgeon for reductions and non-invasive treatments which are becoming very popular. Plastic surgery can be something to consider after weight loss or to help burn victims with scaring.

If you’re considering plastic surgery there are a few things to think about.

  1. Use a registered, well practised and well documented plastic surgeon. There are often directories online that will help you find a reputable surgeon close to your home such as plastic surgery Toronto.
  2. Attend a consultation. Most surgeons will offer this to understand what it is you want and how best they can help you. This will explain the procedure, recovery and give you a chance to ask any questions.
  3. Speak to friends who have had surgery. Getting a personal feel for the recovery period and the enhancement that’s been had is a great experience. A friend can help talk you through everything and again be able to answer some questions.
  4. Join group boards and forums to speak with other people that have experienced plastic surgery or are going through the same process as you. Support is vital and again will give you answers to questions and help you decide if plastic surgery is the right thing for you.
  5. Make sure you can book adequate time away from work or get help in the home during recovery. You will still be undergoing a surgical procedure and you will need to rest during your recovery. Making sure you can do this in peace or at least with help and support is key. Speak to your surgeon about concerns you may have when booking time off.

These are just a few things to consider when thinking about plastic surgery. It’s important you speak to a health professional about your plans. Ultimately this is an incredibly personal decision and is something that will alter your body. If you go through with this make sure you’re doing it for you, not to impress others. Your happiness is what is important and if you’re happy with your body then really think about whether you need to make a permanent change. If you’re unhappy then make sure you get the right advice and you’re working with a surgeon that wants to help improve your confidence and create a positive body image.

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