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FaceTox is an extract, pull and detoxify face mask made with aztec healing clay and organic rose water. I’ve been using this product recently to help my skin and I’ve been really impressed.

What’s In The Box

FaceTox review, face mask, beauty blogger

Inside the FaceTox box is seven sachets of clay mineral mix, seven sachets of rose water, a mixing bowl and a mixing spoon which can also be used as an applicator. I really like the packaging and the fact that it’s in sachets is much nicer than a regular tube of pre-mixed mud mask.


Application is really simple. You just mix the two sachets together to form a thick paste and apply to your skin. The mixing soon can be used as an applicator which is really useful. The smell is unusual but not unpleasent and the rose water clearly comes through. The FaceTox mask is kept on the skin for around thirty minutes during which you may feel pulling and tightening of the skin.

FaceTox review, face mask, beauty blogger


Use warm water and a face cloth to remove the mask.


I have really been enjoying using this mask and have felt a great difference in my skin. When I first used this I had a bit of a break out and this mask dried it out really quickly which impressed me. I also think the amounts are really generous and you could easily use one application to cover two faces with an even coat. I found using the whole sachet was too much and I actually didn’t have enough face. Because of this the mask didn’t completely set and so removable took a little longer than expected. After removal my skin did appear red for a little while but this faded and my skin felt smooth and looked clear afterwards.

This is a great mask to use and I have loved using it. It’s really great for a pamper and the combination of the minerals and the rose water are supposed to help prevent and draw out blackheads, reduce the appearance of scars, even skin tones, draw out external toxins and heal and regenerate the skin.

clear face, no makeup selfie, FaceTox review, beauty blogger

If you are interested in FaceTox then head over to their website.


***Disclaimer: I was gifted seven FaceTox masks for the purpose of this review. All opinions remain my own.***

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  1. I think using a facemask must be so pampering! Haven’t done it in years since I was a teenager at a sleepover! Think I should be treating myself more. This one sounds good. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

  2. I LOVE a good facamask. Your review has made me want to go put one on right now 🙂 #bestandworst

  3. I used to do face masks all the time and its been one of those things I haven’t found the time to do. But, I really should find the time in the week now my girls are getting older. These sound great and I love the softness of the skin afterwards. Thank you for joining us for #SharingtheBlogLove Laura x

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      I do love a good face mask. I recently realised I have about four tubes as well as these so I’ve been doing them a fair amount! They’re really helping my skin 🙂

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