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Free Beauty Samples: Places To Get Them In The Post

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Free Beauty Samples: Places To Get Them In The Post

Most women use a host of beauty products almost on a daily basis – from lipstick to shampoo and a host of other makeup products. The cost of these products can easily add up each month. As per the latest statistics, women in the United Kingdom spend more than 200 billion annually on cosmetics products. In fact, the average woman would spend around £12000 on beauty products throughout her lifetime. This figure is pretty substantial. That’s why you need to find a way to get some beauty products for free.

How To Find Beauty Product Freebies?

In fact, there is a ton of places where you can get beauty products for free. But you need to know where to look for them. Some of these places offer samples while some offer free full-sized beauty products.

Free beauty samples are great because you can take them anywhere you travel. Hence, you will save a lot of money on purchasing small beauty products if you have to travel a lot. On the other hand, if you keep on collecting samples, you will no longer need to buy beauty products since you can select a product from the range of sample items you have. In fact, whether you are looking for mascara or a hand cream, here are the best places to find free beauty products.

Cosmetic Brands

Most cosmetic brands prefer to keep their clients happy. Freebies are the best way to keep your clients happy. In fact, every customer loves a freebie. Hence, most of these brands offer free samples or full-sized beauty products to their clients. Most of the brands require that you purchase something to become eligible for the free product. If you want to purchase something from them, it is a great way to get some freebies.

  1. Aveda

Aveda is a great brand that offers freebies. They give you plenty of samples at their beauty counters. Hence, you should not be afraid to ask. Also, the company offers free personalized 20-minute facials and makeup applications in most of their stores. Also, the brand is quite generous to their online clients as well. They offer a wide range of free samples to their online clients too. You need to check back frequently since the deals can change quite often. If you sign up for their newsletter, you will receive a free welcome gift for the first purchase of £20 or more. You also get access to exclusive offers and deals of the company.

  1. Estee Lauder

The company offers a generous selection of free full-sized beauty products and samples to their clients. There is also an online offer that you could take advantage of. Whether you are looking for eye creams, lipsticks or any other product, you will find an assortment of free samples at Estee Lauder. You will not need to create an account to take advantage of their freebies here.

  1. Lancome

Lancome offers a wide range of products – from eye creams, mascaras, to skincare and makeup brands. Lancome has a free sample page on their website. They are pretty generous with their freebies. In fact, at the time of writing, Lancome offers six products for free.

  1. Clinique

Clinique offers a range of free stuff in person and through their website. Visit any branch of Clinique and ask for free samples of their products. Their staff will be happy to oblige and give you free samples. If you shop online, make sure you take advantage of Clinique’s online free sample offer.

Department Stores

Department stores usually offer freebies to attract new clients and keep their current clients happy. There are many department stores, drug stores, and retailers who sell cosmetics offering freebies to their clients. Here are some of the department stores that offer freebies as a method of attracting new clients and keeping their current customers happy. You need to take advantage of these offers without delay.

  1. Debenhams

This beauty brand is pretty generous with their freebie offers. If you visit one of their stores, you may get up to three free samples of beauty products. They also offer free makeup advice and makeovers. Make sure you tell the staff member that you would like to try a new product, and you will be given a sample. In fact, the company loves to promote their products to clients who have never used them before. They are pretty sure that you may buy the product in the future.

  1. House Of Fraser

Visit any beauty counter at the House Of Fraser, and you will be offered a free sample of their products. The company offers miniature sizes of numerous beauty products – all you need to do is to ask. On the other hand, if you prefer to shop online, you can find a host of free products on their website. You are given a chance to add up to three free samples of their products when you check out. You should take advantage of this offer without delay.

Freebie Websites

Freebie websites are a valuable source of finding free beauty samples. These websites have a cosmetic section where you will get a host of complimentary beauty products from a wide range of big and small brands. Unlike beauty brands and stores, you don’t have to buy anything to get a free sample from these websites. You should bookmark the pages that offer these freebies and keep on checking at regular intervals.

  1.  WOW FreeStuff

WOW FreeStuff offers a wide range of beauty products for free from brands across the web. You will find them all in one convenient list. You can find free full-sized products and samples from some of the big names such as Nivea and Lancome.

Social Media

You should follow your favorite beauty brands on Facebook and Twitter to get some free stuff. There are many brands that offer giveaways from their social media accounts. They also offers coupons and exclusive deals for this purpose. That’s why you need to follow your favorite beauty brands on social media.

Why pay more for your favorite beauty products when you can get most of them for free? Check out some of the places mentioned above and get your hands of a wide list of free beauty samples and full-sized products on the market today. It will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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