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Review Roundup – Recent Favourite Products

After attending the #BigBloggerExpo last month I was thrilled to come away with so many wonderful products to test and try. Because I have so many I’ve put them in a review roundup so that I can talk about them, showcase them and keep it all neat and tidy. I have so many reviews to do at the moment that this just seems the best way for the blog!

Living Proof Dry Shampoo & Anti Frizz Spray.

living proof dry shampoo review, living proof anti frizz spray, haircare essentials

I have been loving these two samples from Living Proof. I saw a live demo of the anti-frizz spray at the event and tried the dry shampoo myself on the day. I was so pleased with the results and thrilled to take two samples home with me. I will be taking these on holiday with me next week as they are now absolute essentials. Living Proof are combining the best in science and beauty to create outstanding products that produce instant results. The dry shampoo is the first I’ve ever used that actually cleans my hair. I colour my hair frequently and I’ve read that to keep blondes looking the best you should wash the hair less however, I don’t want dirty hair. I love using a dry shampoo that actually works. The best thing about this is you can see the dirt coming out of your hair which I’ve never had before. The anti-frizz spray is brilliant too. I have been using this on Mini-Kat’s hair because her hair is so thick and long. It instantly gives it shine and leaves it feeling super soft. My hair is quite thin but does tend to dry out and look frizzy at times so I’ve used this on myself too and really happy with the results. Two products that give me clean, soft, shiny and smooth hair. I love.

Natural World Brazillan Keratin Hair Oil

natural world organic hair care, brazilan nut keratin oil, best haircare oils

Another fantastic hair product is this little tube of oil. It’s basically a serum that you apply to just washed, damp hair. Massage through the lengths and ends and dry or style as normal. I’ve been using this and it has helped my hair so much. As I’ve said above my hair can be quite dry, especially the ends so having something to help care and repair is essential. I love this oil, it smells lovely and has produced some fantastic results for my hair. I am so keen to try more Natural World products. They have a quiz on their website for you to find the ideal hair care range they offer and my results showed the Macadamia nut would be best suited so I will be getting my hands on that range again soon! In the meantime, I’m really glad I’ve been able to try one of there products because it’s been a really good fix for my hair and has left it looking really healthy.

Dr Paw Paw Balm

Coming away with two of these little handbag essentials has been lovely and I’ve used them so much, especially the original yellow tube balm. We’ve all had some sort of bite recently and a little dab of this has helped to soothe, calm and heal irritations. My daughter had two sore spots on her foot but this instantly stopped her wanting to scratch and it’s made of all natural ingredients that help the skin so completely safe for kids. I’ve also used it as a primer and it’s been an excellent base for my makeup. It absorbs into the skin really well and has a lovely, silky texture to it. The orange tube has been a go-to lipgloss for me as it gives the lips a gorgeous tint. Another product great for little ones that like to try makeup because it’s got no harmful ingredients inside it so an ideal first makeup product. Dr Paw Paw also have a red balm which I sadly missed out on! The great thing about these is the size. They are easy to fit into handbags and have so many uses it would be silly to leave home without a tube!

Westlabs Bath Salts

epsom salts, westlab bath salts, best bath salts, mineral spa bath at home

I came away with a big bag of Epsom Salts from Westlab and I have been using them in every bath. It’s safe to say I don’t have much left now! These are fantastic and absorb pretty much instantly so you’re not left with any salt grains after bathing. They have made baths feel spa like. So relaxing and great to help relieve tired, aching muscles. Westlab promote mineral salts so again it’s all natural ingredients for honest, mineral bathing. They have a great range including a salt especially for kids which is especially good for very dry skin conditions as it can help heal, soothe and calm the skin. They also have scented bath salts and an amazing lemon salt scrub which I need in my life. I remember smelling it on the day and it was just gorgeous!

Pamper Therapy Flawless Sponge

pamper therapy flawless finish sponge review, beauty blender review, best beauty blender, beauty essentials

This was fantastic for me because I wanted a new beauty blender sponge. I feel they give amazing coverage and really help blend foundation into the skin so getting a new one was fantastic. I love the colour of this and the shape is great. This product was created by Camile, a beauty student who wants to provide beauty lovers with high class makeup tools and brushes and the Flawless Finish sponge is her first product. It’s a little different to your regular beauty blender to help maximise coverage and give that flawless finish. In my eyes, you can never have enough makeup tools! I expect Adam would disagree with me though…

Eco Tools Makeup Brushes

I was lucky enough to win two amazing prizes at BigBloggerExpo  with one being a fantastic set of face brushes. I also had a little travel set of brushes which included an angled brow brush and a shadow brush. I have been almost reluctant to use these because they feel so soft and look great I don’t want to ruin them but I had to try out the effects and I’m really impressed with the quality. It was funny because as we were heading up to the event I talked about needing new brushes and these were recommended to me. The little travel brushes are going to be ideal for taking on holiday with me because they fit perfectly in my makeup bag. The face brushes are fantastic quality, easy to hold and blend my makeup really well. I’ve had some flawless results with them and I’m so happy I won them.

ecotools makeup brushes

It really was a fantastic event and I’m so glad I went. I met some lovely people and wonderful brands who I hope to build some fantastic working relationships with.


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  1. That oil treatment sounds like my product #MarvMondays

    1. I love the oil, it has done wonders for my hair. They have lots of options too!

  2. Oh that oil sounds good. My hair is always super frizzy so that would be ideal. Love epsom salts as well. Always make a bath feel a bit more special using them. #marvmondays

  3. Great roundup, some really lovely items here, I love a good dry shampoo so I’ll definitely be looking this one up now. I also love Eco Tools make up brushes- congrats on winning the prize! Thank you for sharing with #bigpinklink x

  4. Oh I love the idea of the dry shampoo, I have never got one with ones I have used in the past – so love the idea of you actually being able to see the dirt being removed. x #bigpinklink

  5. Those hair products sound amazing, especially the anti frizz! Im on the look out for suitable hair products for my little ladys hair so will be checking some of these out. Sounds like you had a great day, so many fantastic giveaways! Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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