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My Skincare Must Haves & Daily Routine

Good quality skincare is a must if you’re looking for healthy, glowy and happy skin. I really like to try and use organic products as and when I can. Neals Yard Remedies have an amazing selection of fantastic organic and natural skincare products. I love the gift sets they have – perfect if you’ve already started your Christmas shopping. I wanted to write about my skincare must-haves and my daily skincare routine.

I used to never take my makeup off at night but now I’m older (and wiser, I hope) I take this much more seriously. I’ll remove my makeup with a gentle makeup remover and cotton pads because I feel this is the most gentle on my face. I’ll give it a quick rinse with warm water – I never, ever use soap on my face because it can be incredibly drying, and then move on to exfoliating or a nice face mask. I usually go for salt and lemon scrubs and exfoliators because of the antibacterial properties these ingredients have in them naturally. Salt can be quite harsh on the skin sometimes especially if you’re prone to breakouts like I am, but I like knowing that my face is clean. If I’m using a face mask I like to use nourishing ingredients like honey as they’re so good for the skin and super moisturising.

I’ll then move onto cleansing, toning and moisturising. Toning is so important to close the pores and ensure nothing gets into the skin. It also helps reduce the appearance of large pores which is something I am absolutely noticing a lot more now I’m getting on a bit. At night I like to use a thicker cream and evenly spread along my face and neck. A vitamin E and Avocado moisturiser is great for the skin and perfect as a night cream because it’s so enriching.

When I’m getting ready in the morning I apply an oil balancing and mattifying gel-cream to my face to help reduce the appearance of shine and because I have combination skin. I can’t stress how important it is to know your skin type and get the right type of products to compliment it. If your skin is dry you’ll want something full of natural oils to give you a glow, if you are oily, then you will need something to draw out the natural oils and act as a kind of blotter. If like me, you have combination skin, then you need something to provide balance. I also like to apply an eye cream to reduce the appearance of the dark circles that come with parenting and too many late nights and early mornings! I’ll leave this to absorb into my skin, usually around ten minutes or so, before applying primer and then my makeup.

It is a lot of work but then I’m happy to take the time and spend the money to look after my skin, especially my face. I want to look youthful for as long as I possibly can!

What is your favourite skincare product to use? Do you have a morning/night time skincare routine?


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