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Best Gig I Ever Attended – Blogtober16

I haven’t been to a real music event or gig in a really long time which is kind of sad as I used to really love going to them. When I was in college there used to be an event in our guildhall with local bands and live music that we all really loved to attend and it was pretty cheap. We had a lot of fun listening to music, sitting on tables and passing around bourbon…biscuits. Pretty rock’n’roll.

I’ve been to quite a few gigs actually now I think about it. My first one was when I was 13 with my dad and we went to see Green Day in Wembly Arena. I think Warning was the latest album they had released so this was way before the American Idiot days, and they played some real old classics. It was amazing. I’ve also seen Blink 182 in Wembly, again, an amazing experience and I went with some friends. We had a really good time.

I remember going with a friend to watch Every Time I Die in Portsmouth…I think?! That was one of the smallest gigs I’ve attended but just goes to show a smaller venue means you’re up close and personal. I’ve also seen AFI in Brixton, another college gig, and it was great.

I think the absolute best one I ever attended was Give it a Name festival in 2007 which was in Earls Court. I went with my friend Jade and we stayed in the cheapest, budget hotel with the smallest bathroom. They gave us a lot of toast! It was for three nights and we saw well over 80 bands. The whole experience was just amazing. We got right up to the barrier for some of our favourite acts. I remember losing my shoe at one point. It was a pretty emo festival to be honest but I saw so many incredible bands. I wish I could remember and name them all now…let’s give it a go…

Alexisonfire – amazing!
Senses Fail – my favourite band so I was in awe.
Fight Star
Enter Shikari
The Audition
Cute Is What We Aim For
Brand New – wasn’t impressed, played new album which we didn’t enjoy
HIM – singer was drunk and forgot all the words
The Used
HelloGoodbye – loved!

This was as far as I got until I googled a photo of the lineup! This brings back some amazing memories and to be honest I can’t believe I’ve seen all these bands!

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  1. Hooray for google filling in the blanks in our memory. It is cool that your Dad took you to a concert when you were a teenager. I’m looking forward to my daughter being old enough to take her to see some cool bands.

    1. Author

      Yeah my dad still goes to live gigs now, he really does love music! Yeah I would love to take my daughter too, she doesn’t have much interest in music other than Disney songs yet though!

  2. Hi Kat, I have never in life been to a gig! I have had the opportunity, but people and crowds make me want to run for cover. I remember one of my parents getting tickets for me and my sister to go and see Musical Youth at Exeter University and giving my sister the ticket for her friend.

    It is certainly something I’d love to enjoy, but know I really wouldn’t.


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