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An absolute highlight of blogging for me is working with fantastic brands. I’ve met some really wonderful brands in the past which has lead to some truly lovely work opportunities. It’s also given me the confidence to attend blogging conferences to meet other brands and to network with other bloggers. I will always be on the look out to form a great working relationship with brands because the content fuels my blog. It also helps me to learn, experience something new, help someone else with a product review and inspires me to try different styles of writing.

I’ve recently taken a fantastic blogging course which has really proved that I have something to offer, something to give and a lovely, friendly and responsive audience. My blog is here to inform and inspire other women that may have found themselves in a darker place, vulnerable, a victim or just a little bit lost and to help them get back on their feet. I want to show them ways to be independent, help them make informed decisions, share parenting experiences to show they are not alone. I am building a community of women with the intention to inspire them.

I can do this by openly talking about mental health which still has so much stigma attached to it. We need to share our personal stories when it comes to mental health, really open up about how it makes us feel, the dark days and the bright, sunny days too. Only then will others understand what it could feel like, and with understanding comes acceptance, which leads to a serious desire to help. One of my recent posts, Sitting in The Room generated lots of kind compliments and stories shared about others with their own anxiety. Talking about ways to help us cope and lead a healthier, happier life will always be a priority for me.

I can also do this by talking about other health issues that others don’t want to talk about. There shouldn’t be shame or taboo when it comes to health. We shouldn’t feel afraid to ask for help if we think something is wrong. We shouldn’t be embarrassed or ashamed about regular, routine health checks because they’re on the intimate side. Our bodies are the only thing we have when everything is stripped away and we should take care of them. We should share our worries, we should ask for help and we shouldn’t be embarrassed by it. A recent event I went to spoke out about breaking the stigma of Light Bladder Weakness and it really made me think about how we keep these health issues as a taboo. We need to talk to them, to encourage people to get the right help and advice.

Writing about my travel experience will give others travel hacks and tips to make their holidays, days out and special occassions stress free. I want to help others plan amazing experiences. I’ve done a lot on Disneyland Paris because I know it’s a holiday so many parents would love to take their children to and there is so much you can learn to make that holiday cheaper, easier and a really fun experience for the family. I also love to cruise, but have been told it’s the type of holiday for the retired. It isn’t, cruises are amazing and perfect for young couples and families too. I want to show others how they can make the most out of a cruise.

I have openly spoke about my time in a women’s refuge and how in the last few years my life has dramatically changed. I’ve shared these experiences because life can be really tough when you’re in a bad place. People judge you. Parenting whilst you’ve gone through a hardship is particularly tough. However, if I can get through the hardships I have and be pretty okay then I want to help others feel the same. I want others to know that they can get out of that bad place, that life moves on, that being a victim of anything does not define who you are.

Being a blogger puts me in a position to use my voice. I can share my opinions openly and honestly, and whilst they might not always be something everyone agrees with it starts a great talking point. Because of this I have an audience and a following of people that trust and respect what I have to say. This means that when I share my reviews with them, they listen, they ask relevant questions, they enter my giveaways and go on to purchase the product for themselves.

I have run successful giveaways like this one to the Ski and Snowboard show in November. I highlight my favourite products I’ve been using in a monthly roundup. Some products require more information and details, particularly accomodation and my most viewed video on YouTube is a cabin tour on board the Azura ship. I’ve also worked on some really fun and exciting sponsored posts which are clearly catagorised on my blog.

As a blogger I can offer exciting, fun and informative content that advises my readers. I can also offer the opportunity to advertise with in post link placements, in post advertisements or sidebar adverts. My blog is my full time business, I care about it and I work on it every single day. That could be editing and promoting older posts, a few photo tweaks, social media shares and of course writing the content. I am still learning, and I hope I will always be learning because that is so important to me. I want to continuously learn and grow my blog which means finding new brands to work with and old ones to continue working with.

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