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Blogging Goals

goals, boss babe, wake up with goalsI think it’s time for some blogging goals! Now that I’ve moved over to being self hosted I feel like I need to start keeping track of my blogging and social media stats so I can see what is working and what isn’t. I’ve seen others right up posts about how their blog is doing and I think it’s a great way to document things, especially when you make a big change like becoming self hosted.

Before we get started here are a few questions and answers in the best way I can explain that I found myself asking Google when I wanted to take my blog more seriously and treat it as a business.

What is DA?

DA or Domain Authority is, in short, how your page is ranked. I do not know all the ins and outs of it but I do know that quality backlinks, interlinks and creating good content will increase DA. When I first checked mine after having a URL on a free WordPress blog, after eight months of having the URL, mine was at 8. Considering I knew nothing about it I already had a platform to build on to increase mine. Over six months this went up to 21 in April…however now I’ve moved blogging platforms and I am self hosted I need to build it up again. I can’t tell you what your DA should be because every blog and blogger is different however if you want to start monetising your blog perhaps set yourself a goal for 25+ as a lot of brands I have seen advertising seem to ask for that figure.


How do I build my social following?

This is one I feel I am still learning about but I am really enjoying it and it’s making me think a lot more about what I post on social media. Brands like to see lots of social engagement on blog pages, twitter accounts and comments on the blog itself. Creating great content will help you with social engagement as it will get people talking and sharing what you have to say. I have found joining in with social sharing blogging groups and threads to be a great way to help build my following and engagement. It’s also helped me find lots of great new blogs and be featured in some really lovely series. When it comes to having social following goals, whilst some brands like big numbers, others prefer to have a higher engagement rate. You might want to consider setting your social goals to be relevant and suitable for your niche to create a smaller but largely active following.

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Should I have a self hosted blog?

That depends really on what you want from your blog. If you want to monetise it then you might want to consider starting as a self hosted blogger so that you don’t have to do all your stats again when you move over, like I’m trying to do, however if it’s just a hobby or you’re only interested in a few reviews here and there then it can be done with a free blogging platform. I would recommend you have your own URL though so you can build up on your domain authority. There are plenty of pros and cons to both free and self hosted platforms. Just do what you think is best for you and your blog!

What is a vanity URL?

A vanity URL is basically a domain name that you use for a free website. You can very easily buy a domain name online and I know it’s very easy to set up with a free wordpress blog. I started this way myself so that my blog had a better name and was easier to type which then lead to my blog having more accurate stats and I had a better idea on how to build on them.

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I hope that’s helped answer some of the questions you might be asking yourself before setting your own blogging goals. I want to just take the time to talk about my goals for May.

DA – I am sure this will drop hugely. By the next Moz update in June I would like to be back to 12.
Instagram – Aim is for 1,000 followers. If you want to follow me you can @KatCandyfloss
Twitter – Aim is for 1,000 followers. If you want to follow me you can @KatCandyfloss
Facebook – Aim for 750 likes. If you want to visit my page you can.
Backlinks – I would like to gain five new backlinks this month. I will attempt this by looking for new blogging series to join in with, joining in with linkys and being active in the blogging community.

So those are my first few blogging goals for my self hosted site in it’s first month. Do you have any blogging goals you want to achieve this month?


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