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My Day at #BlogOnXmas at Hotel Football, Manchester

I absolutely loved attending BlogOn Xmas last weekend and had the chance to meet some amazing brands as well as catch up with some of my best blogging friends. Blog conferences are a lot of fun, if a little hectic, but I have to say a massive thank you to Laura for organising the event. It was brilliant. Blogging conferences are a great way to really engage with brands and network with other bloggers. It’s a chance to have a cuppa with a friend who you don’t have the chance to see all the time even though you speak every day. Conferences are busy, fun and offer so much. I really enjoyed my first time at BlogOn and will absolutely be there for the next one.

I went to my very first blogging conference last November and was eager to get back to one. I’ve heard so many wonderful things about BlogOn that I booked a ticket for the Christmas event as soon as I could. Heading up from my little town here in Hampshire on the train took a fair few hours so I thought I would make the most of it and a book a night away at the Copthorne hotel which is quite close to hotel football – the chosen venue for Blog On Xmas this year. I arrived in Manchester around 3.30 and headed to my hotel to check in and freshen up. I was told to take a big suitcase and I listened. Not only was the goody bag fantastic but I also had a lot of lovely things from brands. If I’d won some of the amazing raffle prizes like my blog BFF’s did, I’m not convinced everything would have fit in! So when they say take a suitcase, they really mean it. You can look as jolly as me carrying it down the road. It had wheels, Adam just thought this would be funny.

Suitcase for BlogOn Xmas Conference

I first headed to the venue on Saturday to mingle during the launch party. I was picked up, very kindly, by Faith from Raising Moonbows so we could head into the venue together. A few drinks and chatting with friends made for a very pleasant evening. There were a few games going on, places to sit and a good selection of drinks. The event was sponsored by Paladone. I especially enjoyed my walk to Tesco with Anna (Me, Annie Bee) and Erica (The Incidental Parent) who are both exceptionally funny ladies. It was also really lovely to see Fran (Whinge Whinge Wine) again who is basically blog famous and knows everyone. It was great to finally meet and chat with Tracey (One Frazzled Mum) who is super lovely! I left with Faith around 11 pm and got myself to bed to prepare for the next day.
BlogOn Namebadge - Candyfloss & Dreams
Parking was a bit of a palaver as there was no space in the official car park. We did, luckily, manage to find a place on road not too far from the hotel which was great. There was a man directing parking into the football parking for old Trafford who was incredibly rude and couldn’t direct anyone to any alternative parking. Luckily we found some thanks to the helpful group!
We checked in and grabbed a name badge before heading up for a coffee and to drop our suitcases off. It was so nice to finally meet Faye (Glossytots), Jessica (Beauties and the Bibs), Jenni (Chilling with Lucas), Alice (Living with a Jude) Nikki (Yorkshire Wonders) and Suzanne (and another ten things) who had the very handsome baby newbie with her. The welcome and comedy keynote was excellent and we all got a really good laugh from James who is a bit of a pro when it comes to understanding bloggers and social media.
Hatchimals CollEGGtibles at BlogOn
It was a fantastic day between engaging with brands and viewing some really exciting products and upcoming toys which I know are going to make amazing Christmas presents. I can wait to show you some of these products in the next few weeks here on the blog and across my social media. Do keep an eye out for them, I’m very excited and I’m sure you will love them!
BlogOn Xmas Brands
The sessions were really enjoyable and I picked up so many great tips especially surrounding photography. I’m going to spend more time thinking about the layout of my photos and editing them. I also really enjoyed learning a bit more about SEO and thinking about different ways I can reach people through the blog. I also really want to work on remembering to be more social on social media rather than just filling my feeds with links. I’m glad a lot of my stuff is automated because that really does save me a lot of time but I’d rather engage a lot more too!
BlogOn Xmas Brands
The event ended with the toy awards which were absolutely incredible and they were featured in the raffle. It was great to see so many of my blogging pals pick up some amazing goodies.
Fingerlings Monkeys - Brands - BlogOn
Before long it was time to grab the goody bag and head back to Manchester Piccadilly for my train home. What a weekend it’s been and one I’m so glad I was able to attend. I’m now super excited for Britmums on Saturday where I can do it all again!


  1. It was great to have you there – those roadworks are an absolute nightmare, but at least they shouldn’t be there too long, so we’ll be okay next time! You were all nutters leaving the party to go to Tesco 😀

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