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Celebrating Women in Business with #FEW

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Do you know what I find really exciting? How many amazing women I know that have created their own business from scratch. They’ve done this whilst working full time jobs, raising a family, studying or all of the above. They have put their absolute heart and soul into being a business person – a female entrepreneur. I feel that is something worth celebrating and shouting about from the rooftops. I am proud to be one of these business women representing the first ever Female Entrepreneur Week starting on 21st June 2017.

Female Entrepeneur Week, #FEW, Women in BusinessLike many in business the FEW week is a little longer than a week and is actually 10 days. Are you one of the FEW too? If you’re a Female Entrepreneur and want to make your business boom then come on over and join in.

Over the week of #FEW I’ll be sharing some of my top business tips and how I work from home and run my business. I’ll also be scheduling in a few inspiring interviews from other women in business right here on my blog so that you can hear more success stories. The aim of the week is to inspire others into achieving what they want from their business. Because I want to share lots of wonderful stories on my blog through a mini interview series I thought I might as well answer those questions myself.

  1. Who are you and What’s Your business?
    I’m Kayleigh and I am the blogger behind the blog. My main business is my blog which is helping me to build a foundation for a coaching business in the future. I love writing, and I always will so I’m really grateful that I can support my family with my written word.
  2. How would you define a female entrepreneur?
    A female entrepreneur to me is an inspiring leader that wants to give value to the people she is serving. I love following successful women in business because it is really inspiring and shows you anything is possible. These women are always learning which I find very admirable.
  3. How would you define success?
    Money, to me, is a part of it however the value in knowing I’ve actually created something that someone has found helpful or useful. I do feel successful in my blog even though I haven’t got the biggest numbers because it’s really shaped me as a person. I feel so much more successful after starting something from scratch and seeing it transform into a business.
  4. What is the best thing your business has done for you?
    Being a blogger has given me more creative freedom than any other job I’ve done. I feel like I’m at the core of my authentic self by writing and by turning that into a business. Because of this I’ve had an increase in confidence which has almost lead to an unshakeable belief in myself that I have done something to be really proud of.
  5. What was your lightbulb moment? When did you really decide to commit to your business idea and start making it a reality?
    There are two really clear moments for me. The first was whilst I was working full time and Evie had just got her place at school. I was so worried about how I would juggle getting her to school and then getting to work, I was worried about childcare. Actually, I was just full of worry. I think that I knew I was in a place I didn’t want to be in and I needed an escape route, working for myself seemed like the only option at the time. The second was when I became more involved in the blogging community. It really increased my confidence and gave me back a bit of a social life I’d been missing since leaving work.The third pay have been a review visit to Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Christmas.
  6. What keeps you motivated?
    This is tough because I do get distracted so easily, and it’s really not very hard to overwhelm me but then having a lot to do does help keep me motivated too. I love being busy. Knowing that I’m hear for my daughter after school really helps but to be honest, I have bills to pay and there are things I want for my blog to take better photos, to give my readers a better experience. However, the absolute best thing I’ve received are the private messages and emails from other women who have been vulnerable, in toxic relationships and have been encouraged to speak out motivate me to keep sharing my story more than anything. I want everyone to be able to become the best version of themselves.
  7. What has been your proudest moment?
    Giving my family a really good Christmas last year was my proudest moment. I really felt, hey look what I’ve achieved, I did this for them, I can give back.
  8. What do you enjoy doing for fun?
    I don’t know how much time I have for fun these days, alongside my business I’ve just started studying my A-Levels (for fun…) but I love to travel, I love to read, we go to the cinema a lot and I really enjoy good food.
  9. Who inspires you?
    I can’t say anyone person really inspires me. Other bloggers inspire me to continue blogging, other business women inspire me to keep making my own money, my family inspire me to provide for them. I seek out sources to be inspired from and I like to fill my life with them. I found She Mean’s Business by Carrie Green a particularly inspiring read. I am also going to be sharing the stories of other women in business during Female Entrepreneur Week.
  10. How do you pull through a bad day in business?
    If I’m really struggling I take myself away from work and relax. The whole point I am working for myself is to enable me to have better work life balance. I will step away from the laptops and planners and have some time to myself. A bubble bath, a walk, a video game, a good book…whatever I can to relax and de-stress. I also find it really helpful, if I’m feeling particularly overwhelmed, is to get all of my ideas down on paper, empty my mind and start again the next day. Every single day is a new day to show up and work and that is exactly what I do. Some days that doesn’t work and I have to take time away to refresh.
Female Entrepreneur Week, FEW, Women in Business

Join us for #FEW

Female Entrepreneur Week (FEW) 21 – 28 June 2017

(so packed with goodness it’s shed the normal limitations of what mere mortals call a ‘week’ and squeezed itself out either side of the weekends)

♥ Few people have the courage or imagination to start their own business.

♥ Few people have the strength to seek help and support when they need it.

♥ Few people have the tenacity to keep going when quitting is the more attractive option.

Are you one of the FEW?

The inaugural FEW launches in June 2017. The brain-child of serial entrepreneur, author and podcast host Nadia Finer, she has brought together 6 shining stars in the entrepreneurial world to give you just the right amount of tools and training to skyrocket your business – without the overwhelm!

Meet The FEW Crew

Over the course of FEW, participants will have access to the following training

  • Pump Up Your Profits: Turn your dreams of consistent $5k months into your business reality – with Business Coach, Nadia Finer.
  • Connect With Your Ideal Client – your first steps to selling – with Laura Robinson, digital copywriter & founder of The Worditude Club
  • Scale up – Leverage your time and expertise with a membership site – with Colin Pal from Thinkific.
  • Be the Boss of Your Business Finances – with Jo Simpson, founder of the Financial Growth Academy.
  • TUES 27 Become An Influencer – Develop your reputation as an expert using PR – with PR Coach & founder of The Publicity Program Becs Miller
  •  Build A Buzz – Use Facebook ads to attract an audience and new customers – with Facebook ads guru Caroline Wood
  • Branding Essentials with graphic designer and founder of Designta Louise Clark.

Readers can sign up to FEW and access the free training and resources here: www.femaleentrepreneurweek.com

Over 10 days (we can’t cram this much awesomeness into a 7-day week) you’ll get the essential steps to start and grow your business.

Are you one of the #FEW? Free Training for Women In Business

So tell me, will you be one of the #FEW?


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