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Favourite time of Year – #Blogtober16

I’ve had a bit of a break from #Blogtober16 but I am back today and talking about my favourite time of year. Honestly, I like all the times of the year to be honest. My favourite month is October because you get some of those absolutely beautiful sunshine days that are lovely and warm but always have a nice light breeze.

I also absolutely love Christmas. When you have children Christmas starts becoming more magical again, with all the plays at school and the letters to Father Christmas. My birthday is shortly after Christmas too and I do like my birthday, except the aging part, that’s not quite as fun. I’m feeling I need some heavy duty collagen face creams at the moment to try and slow the aging bit down.

But my favourite time of year is Summer. Our break over the Summer went so fast but it was full of lovely things, friends, family and holidays. I love holidays, the sunny ones are my favourite although I haven’t had a hot, beach holiday in a very long time. I like the heat and I like being able to have an evening walk. I get up early and I like that when I do in the summer it’s still light outside. Summer does make me long for a garden though.

This summer we had a week long cruise in Norway and it was just beautiful. Plus we had a lovely wedding and my sister always comes down from Uni over the holidays which is nice. I guess we just do so much more over the Summer because we can take advantage of the extra light hours and time off from school! Next year I’m really hoping we can take a week off to go on a nice warm holiday or a cruise to the Canary Islands or something. I’d be happy with a week in Cornwall to be honest but I would prefer somewhere with a bit more heat than here.


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