how my blog changed over five years

How My Blog Has Changed Over Time

How My Blog Changed Through the Years

Blogging has been a big part of my life and oh how my blog changed from the start. I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs for sure. I have been writing online for absolutely ages now, in fact I think I am firmly in the ten years strong group of either review writing, online journaling and blogging however I’ve been here at Candyfloss & Dreams since March 2013. That’s a long old time to be writing in one place and over the years my content has been pretty diverse. I started blogging all those years ago to share my opinions on certain topics and a place to share my experience as a single parent newly navigating a relationship.

Since then I’ve openly discussed my political views, experience of homelessness and toxic relationships and parenting. I have a great range of family updates sharing our life as a couple, a blended family and my pregnancy. Over time I’ve been able to earn money from my blog with sponsored content, advertising and reviewing gifted products which has given my family some lovely things and experiences. However, my motivation behind my blog has altered somewhat. It’s now a source of income which is actually allowing me a place to discover how I really want to work in this lifetime and that is through writing. I’m so glad I can write and earn money for my words but more importantly than that as my experience has grown, so has my knowlesge and therefore my desire to share what I have and am learning is increasing. That is why I’m writing a book.

Whilst I do not feel my story is particularly epic or exciting, I do feel like I can contribute and help other women that have been in a similar position to me feel more empowered and confident in their choices and decisions. I do feel I bring something new to the table and I really hope my writings and ramblings help others. I guess they do as I’ve had some really kind, thoughtful and compassionate messages over the years of other women identifying with me, thanking me for my knowledge and telling me how it’s helped them. For me, this is just amazing and what motivates me to continue blogging.

However, it also brings me to writing a book because I feel the more people that come forward and tell me they wish they had known about X, Y and Z the more I feel I need to push that information out there to as many people as I can. I want to help empower and educate others my sharing my experience and I hope that I continue to do that. I love how my blog has gone from something simple and maybe a little selfish and is actually becoming a source of information that helps others. It has really helped me evaluate my goals and the direction of my writing too.

How my blog started and how my blog has changed over the years

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