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I’m going to #BlogOn – and I can’t wait!

I love blogging events. I love meeting brands, meeting other bloggers, listening to the speakers, learning from the workshops, being treated to some awesome goodies and coming away with a buzz. I love it. Last year I attended my first blogging event in London, the Big Blogger Expo which was fantastic. It was a small and intimate event where I met some great brands and came away with some really incredible new products to trial and review.

Then in November I attended my first big blogging conference, Blogfest, and again had a really good time. I took a lot away from that event, and met some more wonderful bloggers. I was also filmed by Barclays giving some blogging tips alongside a fair few other bloggers and for someone that suffers with anxiety, that was pretty daunting.

In January I went up to London again for another event hosted by Lights by Tena where I made my own perfume alongside lots of other bloggers. This was a really small event but it was fantastic. I’ve met so many lovely people through blogging that I feel so much more confident going to more events this year.

Last year so much of a buzz was created about BlogOn but I didn’t get the chance to go. I had a fair few friends tell me how great it was, I read their posts and saw their photos and it really did look like so much fun. I can’t make it to the May event as there are lots of family birthdays in May and June however, I am booked in to attend BlogOnXmas on 24th September. It’s up in Manchester which is a bit of a trek from where I am so I’ve booked myself a hotel for the night before. I’ve traveled to those parts on my own before but not for quite a while so I’m a little nervous but I’m very, every excited.

I’m looking forward to meeting my Linky co-host, Nicola, from Sparkles at Midnight, Faye from Glossytots and Jessica from Beauties and the Bibs. We’ve all been in an Instagram community for quite a while now so it will be lovely to finally meet them. I’m really looking forward to seeing Laura from Five Little Doves again, we first met at Blogfest which was really lovely. Laura is such a blogging inspiration of mine. I’m sure I’ll also catch up with the very funny Fran from Whinge Whinge Wine who’s blog I have been reading for ages. I know there will be so many other bloggers I will meet and see too, which will be super lovely.

I don’t really have any expectations from BlogOn other than meeting up with some fantastic people and learning a lot in a fun way. I’m also looking forward to a hotel room with no small child. It will be a lot of travel for one weekend but I really can’t wait. Will I see you there?

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