I’m Going to #BML17

I’m so excited to be attending another fantastic blogging conference this weekend. BlogOn was brilliant and now I get to meet some other lovely bloggers that couldn’t attend. This is my first time attending #BML17 but it’s my third blogger conference and my fourth blogging event that I’ve attended in London. I do like it when events are a bit closer to home or a place I know well. Manchester was a little bit intimidating due to being unfamiliar but I’m glad to say that #BML17 Will be held on the south bank in London close to Waterloo. An area, thanks to being Southern, I know incredibly well. I haven’t booked into any of the experiences because I won’t be staying long on Sunday and can’t head up the Friday before so sadly I won’t be able to pop in for a quick drink and social the night before. However, I am incredibly excited about the event and I really can’t wait to learn and network again with fellow bloggers and brands.

Sessions I’d Love To AttendĀ 

SEO Deep Dive – I think I’ll only be attending part one of this session because the other half clashes and also it’s quite a long session, my brain might hurt with information overload.
Smash Your Goals with Focussed Blogging – I need to go to this and it’s being lead by Aby of You Baby Me Mummy who really knows her stuff.
Instagram & Instagram Stories – I love Instagram, I want to grow it and I want to do it the right way. Harriet from Toby and Roo is really inspiring with her Instagram success.
The Not So Secret Life of YouTube Mums – I do like making videos, I’d like to do this better and I think this will be a great session in the afternoon.
Pinterest: Creative Content That Drives Traffic – I really want to ‘get’ Pinterest and start doing it better. I’ve heard of so many bloggers having great success with Pinterest and I want in!

At some point in the afternoon, I’ll be popping over to my hotel with the lovely Jenny from Accidental Hipster Mum so we can check in, freshen up and change before heading on over to the BIBS cruise party! I’m very excited about attending the awards with my blogging friends, having some drinks, chatting and celebrating with the award winners. Jenny is a finalist for the BiBs which is all very exciting!

What I Know From Blogging Events – take a look at my post on how to prepare for a blogging conference.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear.
  • Be prepared to be on your feet a lot.
  • Be prepared to chat, everyone is friendly, its a great chance to meet new friends.
  • Take a battery pack, you will need it.
  • Food can be awkward because you’re usually standing and trying to hold a bowl/plate and a drink. Get a seat if you can.
  • Take water with you – I never, ever drink enough water at these events and they can get very warm with so many people.

What I’m Wearing

I still haven’t really decided. I got a pair of black, comfy trousers from Missguided last weekend which I really like and will pair with a thin jumper or tunic style top. In the evening I’m wearing a flowery dress and leggings with, hopefully, matching shoes. I haven’t got any pictures yet. I will look somewhat like this though. Without the flowers or inflatable frame.

BlogOn Xmas Brands

Will you be at BML17? Come and say hello!



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