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This is the first time I’ve been able to join in with the Inspire & Flourish linky. Head over to The Less-Refined Mind for all the information on how it works because it’s a little different than your usual linky but a great way to help grow your blog if that is what you’re looking to do! I do hope I’ve taken the right context away from it but what I’ve worked out is that it’s basically a way of finding new blogs to read, sharing the blog love by posting a link in an ultimate reads post from that week. This is to help increase blog readership, improve DA and of course find some new posts and bloggers you can go back to again and again. Here are my favourites from this week:
1. LarabeeUK – Lion Cupcakes – These look super cute!
2. The Frenchie Mummy Blog – Learn 10 French Expressions – Very entertaining and learned a few new words too!
3. Petite Pudding – London’s Calling – I do love to visit London with my family. Glad we live so close!
4. Taylor Made Ramblings – Top 5 Exercise classes – A few of these I’ve heard of and would love to try
5. Mum’s The Law – 5 Sports You Only Care About During Olympics – I seem to have found out my favourite type of Olympic sports involve weapons…
All of these posts have made me feel inspired to try something new and have helped make me even more excited for my upcoming holiday – a great chance to try something new, learn some local expressions, find some food I love, explore some cities, walk and move around a lot – I plan to dance, even if no one dances with me! I think it’s wonderful when you can find something to inspire you to get out there a bit more and step out of your comfort zone.

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Hi I'm Kayleigh, a family, lifestyle and travel blogger based in Hampshire, UK. I love writing, reading and cooking. I spend all my money on holidays and creating awesome memories for me and my family.

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