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My Lottery Winnings – #Blogtober16

Back again today with another post for #blogtober16 and today being all about what I would do if I won the lottery. I do not and have never, ever purchased a lottery ticket. I don’t think I’ve even bought a scratchcard so I’m kind of ashamed to admit that I have planned out my lottery winnings, granted if it was a specific amount, more would be unneccessary and less would not be sufficient. What can I say, I am a planner when it comes to fictional wishes. I would need around 12.5 million to be able to sort everything out. A generous win!

The first 2.5 million would have to be left untouched in a joint account to unable us to live comfortable lives and using the interest to draw a wage for ourselves each month.

Another 2 million would be used to ensure our closest family members have a little security too whether that be helping to pay off mortgages, university funds, living costs to start them off, whatever it takes really. But it would be shared equally and as a fund to help those if they need it.

4 million would be reserved for our little gremlins. I only have one, I have no idea how many more children I will have but I have absolutely no plans to have more than three which gives them a fair 1 million each. More than enough really as they wouldn’t have access to any of it until they were eighteen and had displayed some sort of respect or knowledge of hard graft. I want my children to understand the value of money and that they can’t just have it handed to them, they need to earn it and they will feel much better for it if they do. Luckily, because none of this is real, they probably will.

So that leaves 4 million right? Plenty for us to be able to buy a comfortable house in a desirable location close to good schools. Enough to pay off our debts and for Adam to leave his job as a night porter. Enough for him to retrain or study and finally do something he enjoys. Enough for us to have holidays every single year and see as much of the world as possible.

What I think is important though, for those that can and are able is to give back. I imagine some of the reasons those that with a lot of money are miserable because they just don’t have any meaning to their lives anymore. They have everything they want and could have it in an instant. You get the material stuff out of the way and set yourself up, quit your job, go on a few holidays but what do you actually get up in the morning for? I would want to give back, especially to charities that have helped me in the past. I don’t mean donating a few pounds a month either, I mean making sure the children living with their mothers in refuge centres, sometimes really far away from their other families just to stay safe, haveĀ  a Christmas present. Making sure those women, living in fear, have a little treat for themselves every so often. Helping and donating items to packing gift and care packages to send to those less fortunate or soldiers away at war. Making sure those that go to homeless shelters have real food so they don’t starve and proper hygiene products and facilities to make sure they feel a little more human.

If I won the lottery, I would share my compassion and I would have a desire to help those that can’t.

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