My Favourite Blogging Apps

My Favourite Blogging Tools

There are lots of blogging tools I use to help me reach any milestones I might be looking to reach and I am hoping to use these tools, apps and services a lot more in the coming months to help me reach my blogging goals. The biggest goal for me is increasing my income to a more stable and regular amount and I know there is a lot more I could be doing to help me earn more money each month from blogging, writing and advertising.

These blogging tools might not be complete necessities for every blogger however I hope some of them are useful to you or might show you something you haven’t thought of trying before. Some of these blogging tools are free, some are subscription based and some are paid products so you may find some links are affiliate links.

Blogging Tools: Apps

There aren’t actually a lot of Apps I use for blogging. I prefer sitting at a desk and working on my computer when it comes to blogging, particularly writing my content. However, during my pregnancy I found it becoming increasingly difficult to sit at a desk and type without getting uncomfortable fairly quickly.

If I’m using my phone for blogging I usually sign in through my web browser on my phone rather than the WordPress app because it doesn’t seem to be compatible with a self hosted blog. However, my second blog is hosted by WordPress and therefore the app is really easy to use. If you use the free WordPress site or your site is hosted by WordPress then I recommend using the app for blogging if you like using your phone.

For images I absolutely love Adobe Spark Post. It’s a free app and makes suitably sized graphics. I personally prefer this app to Canva because it’s more flexible, the stock image library is better and you don’t need the Pro subscription to create your images. I do use Canva on desktop as I find its better for doing infographics and larger graphics but for blog featured images or Pinterest images Adobe Spark is my favourite.

Dropbox is another one of my blogging tools and it’s so handy. I have the Dropbox app on my phone and iPad. I can easily drop images or files into my Dropbox account to access through my phone or desktop. This makes accessing images made on my phone really easy. It also means if I want to do any work remotely I can access the files and documents I might be using by popping them into my Dropbox. I just use the free service and free app for this.

Other apps I need for blogging include Social media apps. I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and YT Studio for editing my videos, thumbnails and adding tags. Social media is one of the most predominantly used blogging tools and something you really do need if you’re going to be promoting your content widely. Some of it I use more than others, for example, I’m not on Twitter very often but I love using Instagram. I just need to take prettier photos!

Blog Subscription Services

I am currently a member of the Revolution Inner Circle which is worth it’s weight in gold for me. I’ve met some amazing fellow bloggers as well as having access to Aby Moore from The Mamapreneur Revolution. Aby has a free group on Facebook for those wanting to grow their blog into a business as well as a wealth of free content on her blog. She also has a book, blogging courses and paid for inner circle membership. I love being a part of the Inner Circle, access to Aby and her advice as well as discounts on other products she has. It’s something that I know helps my blog grow and I really need to get back into making full use of everything the membership has to offer.

Another product Aby has available as a separate monthly subscription is Socially Savvy which is done for you social media and something I am really excited to use because I know it’s going to massively help me after Baby F is born where I might not have as much time as I would like to get everything done and it will allow me to focus more on writing. I can’t say much about Socially Savvy because September is the first month it’s launching and I’m writing this in August but I’m very excited about using the service!

Free Blogging Tools

I’ve been using Airtable spreadsheets to help me organise blog content so that I can have all my ideas somewhere I can access easily online and published dates. This has been great at keeping me posting regularly on my second blog and something I want to use more for this blog. Alternatively if you have Excel you can make your own spreadsheet on here too. I usually find myself writing things down in notebooks and then transferring the ideas onto a spreadsheet so I can easily chop and change things around. It’s a bit like an editorial calendar really but some sort of spreadsheet is great for organising content.

Social Oomph is a system I use to schedule things on Twitter. I just use the free version myself but you can have repeat tweets going out on this if you decide to pay. Buffer is another service you can use for free to schedule content and Facebook have their own scheduler. It’s worth scheduling things directly to Facebook if you want to beat the algorithm games as Facebook does not seem to like auto-posters or third party schedulers. The can actually reduce your reach and it’s always best to post a link with a picture rather than just an image brought through from the link you’re sharing.

blogging tools that help me grow my blog and business

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