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The Future of My Blog: Setting Goals

Setting my Blog Goals

It is time to set some blog goals! I’ve had this blog for so many years now and it’s become a real part of my daily life. It’s how I earn money, how I share my story and document our life together as a family. It really has become something special to me and I really can’t see a day in my future now where I’m not blogging. I feel like I’ve put a large part of my life out there in the hope of helping others who might be struggling with a work life balance, mental health, life after hard relationships and homelessness. It’s been a great place for me to really develop my writing and have something that is truly mine.

I feel like, however, I’ve kind of become a bit stagnant with my blog as in terms of traffic it hasn’t really grown much which is absolutely down to my laziness. This is really where proper, consistent and tracked blog goals need to come into play. As a mother of two (almost – at the time of writing and scheduling this post!) I really can not envision going back to employed work in the near future and therefore I think it’s time to take my blog a lot more seriously and develop more ways I can work at home which I want to share with my readers. I feel like my blog has evolved into something that’s not just about me anymore and I’ve really put a lot of effort into my writing but when it comes to blogging, whilst content may be king, I am not very good at promoting myself and that is something I really need to work on. Promotion really needs to be up there with my blog goals and it’s something I’ve been working on a lot recently in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

I wanted to set some clear blog goals for the next twelve months and I feel like writing them here and publishing them will help me to stay focused, treat my blog more seriously and hopefully lead to more work in the future. I also hope that as my skills in promotion increase and more people find my blog the more people I will help, particularly if they feel they are not being listened to. I want to help women feel empowered with their lifestyle choices whether that be with weight loss, mental health or pregnancy. I want to share what I have learned in a no nonsense way and I want to open more dialogue for tough conversations between others. Knowledge itself is really empowering and I hope that what I have to say can lead other women into putting their needs higher on their priorities list and make sure they use their voices more to speak out about any injustices.

My 12 Month Blog Goals

  1. Double my highest monthly traffic and then increase by 10% each month. My highest month of blog traffic was 7,500 views so within the next 12 months I’d love to see that increase to 15,000 monthly views with a further increase of 10% each month. I think this is pretty realistic as I do not think it is the quality of what I post but actually where I post and my SEO skills.
  2. Improve SEO knowledge. Edit old posts using strong, long tail keywords and promote old posts. This will include going back over all my old posts, improving the SEO within the next and images, editing, resharing and refreshing.
  3. Reach an average of £1,000 per month income. I will be honest I have sometimes hit this milestone so I know this is a realistic blog goal but it is something I want to average rather than occasionally come close to. This income will mean that we can reject moving over to Universal credit because we will have enough of an income between two people in one household to actually live on. I plan to do this through sponsored blog content, advertisements, paid promotion, affiliate links, paid products and future book sales. I am hoping I can also find some alternative freelance work too.
  4. Grow my combined social media following to 25,000. This is probably going to be my biggest jump in social following as I currently have around 9,000 followers. This will take a lot of work but I’m hoping I can continue to create engaging content and this will help me to interact with more people, therefore increasing my followers. I hope writing a book will help this so that people can find me easily and find the free content I have to offer as well as the paid for content.
  5. Grow my Instagram social following to 10,000. I think this is doable if I am consistent and improve the quality of my photos. I am really not bothered about my instagram grid looking staged to be honest if it helps me bring in money. 10,000 seems to be a real milestone for Instagram and it would allow me to link to my content in stories as well as another platform to easily engage on. Plus I really like looking at beautiful stuff on there and I want to share my own beautiful stuff. I really enjoy using Instagram, I think in theory it can be really easy to grow if you are doing the right stuff and it’s the social media platform I find myself using the most.
  6. Create Pin images for each post and put a pin schedule in place. I also want to manually pin every day resharing old content and repinning new content. I want to find another 20 group boards I can join in with too. Pinterest is becoming my biggest source of traffic and I want that to continue as I think it will really help blog goal number 1.

I think six is a good amount of blog goals for now – I do have a few more but they are more lifestyle related and something I will revisit after the birth of my second child.



  1. These are great goals – they look challenging, but doable. Looking forward to watching your blog grow (and hopefully learning from you so that I can grow mine! )

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