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Sharing a Secret – #Blogtober16

This is a tough one for me as I don’t really have many secrets. I sort of feel like secrets shouldn’t exist as they never result in anything good. I’m pretty honest and open on my blog too which I’m sure other readers know by now.

I will however talk about a few things that some people may or may not know about me.

I am a really good cook when I put my mind to it. I love working with lots of lovely colours and I can follow recipes for meals easily or adjust them and they always seem to work out. Since leaving home when I was eighteen I started to try and cook lots of new foods which has lead to me trying a huge variety of cuisines. I especially love Mexican food and Tapas. My baking skills however are not always on par. My bakes are either great or just terrible. There is no inbetween.

I am wholeheartedly a feminist. I don’t really think it’s a secret but I don’t think a lot of people know that about me. I will forever support the complete equal rights of all humans and I will fight for the rights of women. I think this came out after ending my toxic relationship and never wanting to feel like that again.

I can not drive and have absolutely no desire to ever learn. When I was younger it was because I felt (still do actually) that driving is bad for the environment and it was better to use public transport or walk. Even on the days where it is raining and cold I still walk up that hill to and from school. Adam is learning to drive and I think we will always be a one household family because that is all we will ever need and I don’t mind being a passenger. It would also be quite handy if one of us could at least have the knowledge of driving so that we didn’t have to rely on people all the time. You’ll be pleased to know I’m not a backseat driver either! I do like to car sing though.

When I was a child I had two imaginary friends called Biscuit and Bingo. There’s nothing more to really say about that. That is probably as secret as you’re going to get from me!




  1. I’m so intrigued by biscuit and bingo! They sound like cute little dogs. I can’t drive either but I’d really like to be able to learn. I’m not a bad cook either – I think it is healthier and cheaper to try and do more cooking from scratch when it is possible.

    1. Author

      I agree, so much healthier and does work out cheaper in the long run you’re so right! Plus it goes so much further! Haha I can’t remember too much about them really, but yes I suppose they do sound like dogs!

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