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Something I can’t Live Without Blogtober16

There are quite a lot of things I can’t live without to be honest! Food, Air and Water being the basics. I wanted to be really original and think of something I really couldn’t live without that would be different from the norm because I guarantee a lot of other bloggers will say their phone. I did, I admit I can’t really go without my phone. I need it for photos, social media promotion, blogging and well, you know, actually conversing with people that aren’t living with me.

But I mean if it was a life or death situation I could live without my phone. It wouldn’t stop me breathing or being it would just be very inconvenience. The life of a blogger also means I couldn’t live without my laptop as that’s where I do my writing. But again, if I wasn’t a blogger, I could live without my laptop. I don’t need a laptop. I don’t really need that many of the material possessions I have.

So instead of going all material and wanting to step out of the norm I am going to say I couldn’t live without companionship. Having someone there for you as a partner, as a friend, as a lover, as someone to share common interests with…that is something I just couldn’t live without. I am very lucky that I have a lovely person in my life that is everything to me and gives me that level of compansionship but it doesn’t need to be romantic. Having my equal by my side is just the most incredible feeling. It just so happens that that person is Adam. That’s not to say I couldn’t have that with a friend though but I just have that with him.

I don’t really want to go and fuel his ego and say that I can’t live without him, because again, I could, but I’d rather not. He is my companion, I love him and he makes my days just a little brighter. Life without a companion would be very lonely. Someone that gets you, gets your experiences and gives you memories to treasure.



    1. Author

      Oh no don’t feel bad! I just wanted to do something differently 🙂 I honestly struggle without my phone and when the internet is down I’m running around like a headless chicken as I can’t get much work done!

  1. What a lovely choice! I came to the conclusion that there are a lot of things that I love but I think I could give up most things, even if I wouldn’t like to.

    1. Author

      I know exactly what you mean, realistically I could physically live without a lot of things, but I wouldn’t want to be lonely forever.

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