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Why I Started Blogging – Blogtober ’16

Why, how and what I started to blog for are all questions I get asked every so often and the simplest answer is because I love it. I started to blog a very long time ago when I was a new mum. It was set up secretly and I didn’t really share anything. I just wrote because I loved to write and knew it was my little space to put my thoughts and feelings. I wanted to share my opinions, but quietly, but still in a way they could be found. Then my life went a little bit downhill and I didn’t blog anymore.

I started this blog, originally named Candyfloss Dreams & Cupcake Sleep, because my boyfriend thought it would be good for me. In the early days it was done on borrowed wifi, at my parents home or on my boyfriends laptop. I again blogged because I liked to write and wanted to share my views, have letters to my family written and express my emotions. It wasn’t until October 2015 that I really saw that my blog had potential to be a great place for advice, shared opinions and well, hopefully, a source of hope for those that have gone through a tough time. It is also a great place for me to share my favourite memories to look back on in the future because time goes by so quickly.

I started to blog again because I had a story to share which has a very happy middle. I don’t want to say end, because my story isn’t over yet but the start of who I am today had a difficult mountain to cross. I was at the peak of that mountain for four years in an abusive relationship but I had the courage to leave. I learned more about abusive people and the control they have over others and now I am in a place where my voice does, occasionally get heard and I know that I can share my story and my survival after an abusive relationship. I know I can help people understand what life is like after and that even though it seems scary, having your freedom back is the best feeling in the world.

So I blog because I have a story to share, because I want to inspire, because I want to improve and because i love it.


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