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Things I Need (Want) For #Blogfest16

In exactly one month today I will be going my very first blogging conference hosted by Mumsnet alongside the Mumsnet Blogging Awards. On 12th November bloggers will be coming down to London to attend Blogfest 2016. I am really excited to finally be attending my first proper conference as a blogger. The first blogging event I attended was in July and I firmly caught the bug so when I had the email for the early bird tickets for Blogfest I decided I just had to go. As there’s a fairly easy train up to London from where I live I’ll be leaving in the early hours in the morning that Saturday and then coming home that day. It means it will be a long day but I just don’t have the money to find a hotel and I would feel a bit guilty leaving Evie and Adam at home whilst I spent a night away…although thinking about it a day and night away from parenting does sound like bliss…anyway, I digress. As much as a hotel stay and turning the event into a weekend getaway would be absolutely lovely – especially as our anniversary is on the 9th…I have a whole list of things I feel I’m going to need instead!

So here is my bloggers wishlist of things I need want for Blogfest 2016.

iphone power charger, blogfest wishlist

First of all a must have will be an iPhone charger pack. I have found this one from Tesco Direct for £14 as I like that it’s small, easy to carry and will give my phone a boost throughout the day which lets face it, it will need! I want to spend the day taking photos, tweeting and sharing my day on Facebook and Instagram so I’m going to need a fully charged phone! Especially as the train line I’ll be using doesn’t have charge points on the train…

blogfest wishlist, satchel bag

Next I think a new bag is in order. I love satchels and this Joe Browns bag from Debenhams is just £44.95 and is gorgeous. Having a bag I can wear across my body means that it won’t get in the way and be constantly slipping down my shoulder plus there will be plenty of room for the things I need to take.

chroma stationary notebook, elizabeth notebook, pink notebook, blogfest wishlist

Blogfest is going to be a place to take notes of all the informative talks so a decent notebook is going to be a must have. I love the choice available at Chroma Stationary and I think my choice would be the 100 page Elizabeth as it’s a lovely pink colour and has enough pages to capture all my key notes throughout the day.

paperchase pens, blogfest wishlist

With a good notebook comes a need for a good pen. I am a fan of ball point pens and I love these cute designs from Paperchase.

purple plus size dress, blogfest wishlist

I also feel a nice new dress would make my Blogfest experience just a little bit more special. I love this HotSquash mid length dress in Damson from Debenhams which is just perfect for this time of year when paired with a nice pair of tights or leggings.

I’m still hoping I can upgrade my phone early and grab an iPhone 6S so that my photos will be better quality for the event but I think I’ve covered the absolute necessities.

Are you going to Blogfest? What’s on your wishlist?

blogfest 2016, blogfest wishlist


  1. I’m planning on going to this – will be my first ever blogging event so slightly nervous!! Hopefully see you there #BloggerClubUK

  2. I’m going! Definitely a portable phone charger is a good idea. I’ve been wanting one for a while though I have an android so will need to find a compatible one. A new dress sounds good too. Hope to see you there!

    1. Author

      Woohoo! Looking forward to meeting as many bloggers as possible! I agree its so needed! My train doesnt have plug points either so it’s going to be a long day, can’t afford to run out of juice!

  3. Sounds like its going to be plenty of fun, I have never been to a blogging conference before, will be nice to see pictures and read your experience

  4. No doubt you need that dress! It’s always more fun when you have a new outfit on I say. 😉 I bought an external battery for #BML16 & it was glorious! It’s well worth the investment. Buy a decent one though as the cheapy ones die out – I’ve been told by other bloggers who have bought them. Have a great time at the conference & I look forward to hearing all about it! Thank you for sharing your wish list with us at #BloggerClubUK xx

    1. Author

      Thank you for the advice on the charger, I might have to get a cheap one first and then invest in a better on a bit later on! Will have to check out some more reviews! 😀

  5. I’m not going as I don’t think I’m ready to just yet. I love all your items on the list though, that bag is beautiful. Really hope you have a lovely time and do blog about it and let us know how you found it! #bestandworst

  6. I definitely need a portable charger, my phone died at BlogOn after half the day (iPhone battery is the worst!!) and I made a note to buy one for Blogfest. I love the dress you have chosen, I feel a bit worried about the correct dress code for the day! With travelling down on the train at 5am and leaving later that night, I need to be comfortable and also warm….I have no idea what other people wear to this kind of thing! BlogOn was easy in my Christmas jumper! Looking forward to meeting you! #BloggerClubUK

    1. Author

      Ah looking forward to meeting you too! Gosh I thought I had an early start at 6.40! I think layers are best, it will probably be quite warm inside but then traveling back you’ll want to wrap up too! Ahh I can’t wait to go and meet everyone, I’m so excited!! 😀 x

  7. Im going to Blog Fest too (yay!) and your post has just sent me into a bit of a panic thinking that I’d better get myself organised! Its my first blogging conference too and im really looking forward to it. We should totally say hi when we’re there! 🙂 Emily #BloggerClubUK

  8. Love your list. I am going too so look forward to meeting you Kat! The phone charger is a must and very good idea re bag – hadn’t thought about that. I hope you get all that is on your wish list #bloggerclubuk

    1. Author

      Ah lovely! So looking forward to meeting you too! Yeah I’ve just had to get myself the bag, it’s too pretty to not have in my life!

  9. Ah I’m still not sure about going as will have my tiddler! Could be a bit too crazy yet. Love your list. I really like the dress. The charger is a must! Enjoy and thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

    1. Author

      Yay! I’m very excited about going, no idea what to expect but from other people’s experience I think the phone charger will be a must!

  10. Oh how exciting! Definitely get the dress! Would love to go to a conference one day, so cannot wait to hear about your experience. Have a fab time x #weekendblogshare

    1. Author

      Thank you so much I’m so excited for Blogfest and think it will be a lot of fun! I’ve gone for a different dress now because I was sent one and it matches the bag and shoes I’ve got really well! But I may have to get the dress anyway!

  11. What a great list! How awesome to have this exciting event on your calendar! Looking forward to reading all about your time there! LOVE the dress, bag, pens (who doesn’t love stationary).. OK, I love it all.. Now you just need to add some new shoes 🙂 … #GlobalBlogging

  12. I am going too and the first one too! Super excited. I love the idea of having a list for it. Great choice of items. I wonder what I am going to wear? maybe something with stripes? So that’s Frenchie… #GlobalBlogging

  13. This will be my 2. Blogfest but i havent been for 2 years now! Loving your list! The batterie pack is defiantly a must have for any blogger attending a conference and comfy shoes!! Defiantly don’t forget to bring your business cards with you to hand out when talking to brands or meeting new blogger! I am useless with remembering names and blogs so its always handy to have been given a card to go through after a busy day! I cant wait for Blogfest and really looking forward to it especially because i just rebranded my blog after 3.5 years so it will be nice to get my new name “out there”!

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