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My All Time Favourite Gift – Blogtober ’16

This time for #Blogtober16 we are talking about gifts and our favourites. It’s hard to pinpoint any real favourites to be honest I’ve had some really lovely things over the years. I can talk about some of the gifts I was most grateful for though.

The first one is a dressing gown. It’s a pretty standard dressing gown and perfect for winter because it’s nice and fluffy. This was a completely unexpected gift whilst I was living in a hostel. It was the first Christmas I had spent without my daughter. I was broke and most of her presents were from Poundland that year. Things I’d asked for her were practical because I couldn’t afford them myself. The dressing gown was wrapped up lovingly and placed in my room in the hostel from the staff. It was perfect and I cried. I cried because this was something so simple but so thoughtful from a young lady that used to live in the hostel. She had, very kindly, purchased enough dressing gowns in different sizes for every women that lived in the hostel and then the staff had put the most appropriate in our rooms. It was so kind and thoughtful. I still have that dressing gown hanging up in the bathroom. It reminds me of just how far I’ve come and that one day I will give back to that same hostel and make sure the women there at the time will have something special on Christmas.

A slightly more indulgent gift that I will usually buy for myself is the Soap and Glory megabox that is available at boots every year. I really like Soap and Glory products so it is always a treat to be able to get things that I can use all year around because they last me absolutely ages. I have dreamed about the day I am able to get myself the Lush Legends mega box with practically every product Lush has to offer inside…one day…

I think, the thing is with gifts, is the thought behind them. Now I’m older I really enjoy thinking about things that will make Adam and Evie happy on their special days. A gift that is given out of thoughtfullness is always the best kind. Adam and Evie have both gotten me some very cute little things over the years that I’m very grateful for.



  1. Aww! That is such a sweet story about the dressing gown…So thoughtful!
    The Lush Legends mega box is on my wishlist too…I dream of getting that 😀

  2. Aw, Kat – the story about your dressing gown really restores faith in humanity and I’m glad you still have it to remind you how far you’ve come! #Blogtober16

    1. Author

      Thank you! It’s coming in handy with the cooler nights drawing in. It was a really lovely thought from the lady that gave them 🙂

  3. Aww Kat! I can imagine how that dressing gown made you feel and I am so glad to hear you still have it! You will feel amazing when you decide to go back and do the same for others 🙂 #Blogtober16

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