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Timeline of my day – #Blogtober16

Linking up again with #Blogtober16 is a post that reflects a timeline of my day. I can’t really do a timeline of any particular day because I forget a lot but I’ll go through a pretty normal weekday for us. Sometimes it’s a bit more hectic, sometimes it’s a lot more relaxed and I’m very lazy. Either way I absolutely love my routine and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regular Week Day:

5-6am – I usually wake up around this time. I am a morning person, which is very handy because I have always been an early riser. I rarely have a lay in at all, unless I’ve slept badly the night before. I also usually need a wee which is probably what wakes me up! How I love getting older and having had a child press against my bladder making it a bit rubbish.
Once I’m up I drink a pint or two of water and then make myself a coffee. Once that is done I’ll be sitting down at my laptop and start working. I work the best during these hours, can pump out blog posts and get them scheduled nice and early for the next few days or weeks ahead. I’ll usually clear out my inbox too.
7-7.10am – wake Evie up. Evie is not a morning person. She has trouble shutting off at bedtime and therefore has trouble getting to sleep. This means she is still tired when she wakes up. It has gotten a bit easier though and she makes up for it by laying in on weekends and half term! We make her breakfast.

7.30am – hopefully by this time Evie is getting dressed for school.

7.45am – if Evie is dressed and pretty much ready to go then she gets a little bit of television time.

8.10-15am – leave the house for school. If it’s a Friday, Adam will walk her up there.

9.15am – get home from school run, have my own breakfast, sometimes a bath, make coffee and do a little bit of washing up and tidying away things from the morning.

10am – back to the laptop for linking up with blog linkys, editing photos, blog comments, tidying up my drafts, catching up with Eastenders, check in with my Facebook and Instagram Pods, add links to any relevant sharing groups, promote competitions.

11.30am – If it’s not a Friday Adam gets up, if it’s a Thursday, he should already be up and going on his driving lesson. I check in with social media and start thinking about what is for lunch. Now Adam is awake the bed can be made and I’ll usually do a bit more tidying up and just take a laptop break.

12.30-1pm – cook lunch. We usually have a larger lunch, I’ll make enough for the three of us and set some aside for Evie later on that evening saving me cooking again or I’ll start using the slow cooker around this time for dinner later on that night. After lunch we will chat, play video games together and just have a bit of casual time.

2.40pm – Leave to collect Evie from school.

4pm – Get home. Adam would have already left for work. Sometimes we have swimming lessons so we will get ready for that. Otherwise Evie is hungry the moment she walks in the door so she has some sort of snack. We do her homework, reading and spellings together. Then Evie will either have a bath or get into her PJ’s if we have no plans to leave the house that evening.

5.30-6pm – Dinner time. Evie and I will eat together and watch a film or some TV together. I will attempt conversation about her day at school here and on the walk home. Neither of which gets a very positive response except I can’t remember, I don’t know or school was boring. Excellent. Glad the two hours I walk every day are so worth it to you!

7pm – Evie will go to her room. She will play and she gets 30 minutes of television time to herself. I will then attempt to tuck her into bed, read her a story and give her cuddles.

8pm-9pm – I will try to get back to writing – usually this sort of time is reserved for novel writing. Every five minutes Evie will shout ‘I love you mummy’ (we live in a flat) go to the toilet or come and give me a hug. She will play on her bed with her teddies before eventually crashing out around 9pm.

9pm-10pm – somewhere around this time I will go to bed and read or listen to an audiobook for the above to be repeated the next day.



  1. I love seeing a breakdown of people’s days cause I am really nosy! It’s crazy how much time is taken up with blogging once you start isn’t it? I can’t imagine what I used to do with my time now! 😉 x

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