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What’s In My Handbag? Blogtober16

Back again for #Blogtober16 – I am really feeling inspired by this now which is great! Blogging more about me has helped me transform the blog back to where I wanted it to be and has lead to me writing up some great pieces which I’m yet to photograph for and publish but I’m so glad I joined in with Mandi at Hex Mum Plus One for this.

Today’s prompt is what is in my handbag. Well. It would depend on the day to be honest. If it’s during the week then I am more likely to be carrying around my huge Animal backpack. This is because our school run takes me two hours walking there and back again twice a day. Luckily Evie only has to do the 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon but it does mean she can’t possibly carry her school things so shoving it in my back is much easier and frees up my hands for all the roads we have to cross. That bag is usually kept pretty basic with just school things, my jacket if it’s warm, keys and my purse.

On a Thursday afternoon we throw in Evie’s swim things for her swimming lesson. If we need to pop to the shops then I throw in some carrier bags and use those with my backpack to carry the shopping home. Shopping days make me miss having a pram to load all the bags on!

If it’s a weekend or I’m heading out somewhere to, say, a blogging conference, coffee with friends or to the cinema then it just has a few basics in really. My purse, keys, handcream, a notebook, a pen and some sort of snack. Sometimes the post if I’ve grabbed it on my way out – our letterbox is downstairs.

I really do need a new handbag to be honest. I haven’t found the perfect one yet. Although Adam would disagree as I think I have around fifteen of them!


  1. i am forever searching for the perfect handbag. i love a good mooch around in tkmaxx. i have got some good ones in there! #blogtober16

  2. I thought I’d found the perfect handbag with the one the kids bought me for Christmas but it’s started annoying me because the clasp isn’t as good as it first was.
    It’s time to search for another perfect handbag!

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