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What’s In My Goody Bag? #BlogOnXmas

Most bloggers I know will say one of the absolute highlights of a blogging conference is the goody bag at the end of the day. Conferences are great for learning, chatting and eating but also you get to learn about a lot of really cool, fun brands and see some amazing products. The goody bag is usually a reflection on those brands and gives you something to take away from the day. BlogOn Xmas had a lovely big goody bag as well as the chance for you to mingle with brands and PR’s, talking about new products and collecting some samples to come home, have a play with and feature. Do come on over to my social media to see, read and watch more about what we thought of the products we took away. This post is a roundup of all the lovely things I was able to take home. You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with handle @KatCandyfloss.

BlogOn Xmas Brands

BlogOn Xmas 2017 Goody Bag

The first bag I was handed at the start of the day and so I could fill up with products and paperwork that I collected from the brands during the day. I love the bag and I think being a flamingo in a sea of pigeons is an excellent motto for life. It’s a nice bag that can be reused too so environmentally friendly. I was also provided with a pencil and notes. Armed with my business cards I headed down to the basement level of Hotel Football where the brands were gathered and got chatting.

BlogOn Xmas Goody bag

A Selection of Evie’s Favourite Things from my #BlogOnXmas goody bag

There are two stands that really stood out to me. The first was Addo Play which has an absolutely amazing range of creative and cute toys for children. They have ranges for younger children to 8+ and feature some really cool stuff. I received the Picture Perfect Bobble It kit from Addo play a few months ago and absolutely loved writing our review. Having tested the products and spoken to the brand it’s clear that they want kids to get creative, have a lot of fun and they keep parents in mind too by coming up with a few mess free solutions. From the stand, I was given a pot of lovely red Playdoh and a tub of Metallic Rose Pink Liquid Lava Putty. I am really excited about the range Addo play is bringing out for Christmas because I know people are going to be really excited and they have a great range of toys that will make lovely gifts.

BlogOn Xmas Addo Play Unicorn


The other stand that I really loved was John Adams Toys who have the best product of the day, in my opinion. The Sands Alive modelling sand is so good. I loved it and I was thrilled to be able to take a pot away with me. Evie is slightly addicted to it now because it’s so fluffy but you can shape it. I want to get a big tray like the brand had at the stand, fill with Sands Alive and have a good play. It really brought me back to when I was little and this is the kind of toy I would have loved. It’s so creative and such an innovative and interesting idea. There was also a really fun game which was demonstrated so well. It’s a game that I think will get so many laughs from all that play it!

I loved chatting with the ladies who told me there was some EGGcitable news coming up surrounding Hatchimals which were THE toy for Christmas 2016. Evie, sadly, missed out on a Hatchimal but she has started collecting the super cute CollEGGtibles and I was able to take a little one away for her. Hatching the little eggs is done manually but you can interact with it by rubbing the heart. The colour is a good indication of what’s inside too which is very handy and helps those that aren’t too keen on surprises.

Hatchimals Colleggtibles BlogOn Goody Bag


It was so nice to see the ladies behind Lights By TENA again who I have to say are such a friendly and happy bunch. They work so hard with the brand and I am really thrilled to be a part of their blogging team and have worked with them on a couple of posts now. Having water on the stand was a great idea because with so many people it did get very, very warm around the venue. At the beginning of the year I attended a lovely event making my own perfume and found out some shocking and interesting statistics about light bladder weakness which Lights by TENA are keen to get people talking about.


As you can see in the goody bag I got quite a selection of yummy foodie treats including a packet of salted caramel popcorn, apple crisps (very, very tasty!) raspberry liquorice, mulled wine sachets, candy cane tea, protein bars, a barley drink to name a few.

BlogOn Goody Bag Snacks

The candles from Heart and Home are absolutely lovely! I’m so happy to have a little wax melt too, I only tried wax melts a few months ago for the first time and they are amazing. I got the scents, Violet Moon which is lovely and musky, perfect for a relaxing bath in the evening and Paradise Sunset, the colour is beautiful and the scent is just gorgeous. Heart and Home have an amazing range of home and car fragrances with Soy rich candles and melts. I got to smell the Christmas range and oh it is just yummy. For those that love an alternative advent calendar and want your home to smell of Christmas for all of December head over to Heart and Home where you can pick up a calendar for yourself!

Heart and Home Fragrance Soy Candles Goody Bag

These are just a few of the brands (and goodies!) I was speaking to at the event. The day was a lot of fun and I honestly would recommend BlogOn as the perfect conference for newbies. I’ve written about how to prepare for a blogging conference if you are a bit nervous but honestly, don’t be. It’s fun, friendly and the brands are really lovely to chat to. I really enjoyed being able to put a face behind an email address and twitter handle and had some lovely conversations about upcoming products. I’m currently working on a Christmas gift guide for 2017 which will go live in November and will feature lots of these lovely brands.

BlogOn Xmas Goody Bag

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