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Does My Zodiac Sign Fit

I was born on 30th December 1988 and therfore that makes me a Capricorn. My mum is really interested in Astrology so I followed a natural progression into learning about it too. From a very young age I was told I was a very typical Capricorn which lead me to be curious to know what that meant. Whether the power of suggestion lead me to become the way I am and to be quite typically a Capricorn, I don’t know so for #Blogtober16 lets investigate.

According to Love to Know:

Capricorn Personality Traits

On the Outside

The Capricorn personality is very grounded in reality; it’s the rock that everyone else loves to lean on. For the most part, Capricorns are:

  • Quietly strong-willed
  • Self-assured and truly know who they are
  • Comfortable in any social situation they choose to participate in

Although Capricorns sometimes have a reputation as being a bit stodgy, they often astound their companions with their sharp and sudden wit.

On the Inside
Capricorns are highly dependable, yet they can still suffer inwardly from mood swings that carry them from the heights of euphoria to bouts of depression. In most cases, they are adept at concealing these conflicting moods in public. It is only their closest friends and family who are given a glimpse of this inner turmoil.

I have to admit, the above makes me sound like I might have Bi-Polar. I don’t but I do have those kind of mood swings. You can read a bit more about Capricorn Personality here.

So what do I think?

Well. I am strong willed, most of the time. I’m very, very stubborn and I hate to be wrong. I hate to lose. I am a terrible loser so instead I avoid competition and only take part in things that I’m actually very good at. I think I’m a good writer, that’s pretty objective I guess, but I think I am and so it’s natural that I blog and write and I am having some success with it. I’m trying not to come across as boastful, because I’m really not trying to sound like that at all. There are so many things I am really rubbish at to be honest, but I know my own strengths and I work really hard on them to continue making them better. I guess in that respect I’m pretty self assured and I know who I am.

Social situations…hmm, sort of. I get very stressed and anxious about any sort of social situation that I haven’t planned myself. I don’t like not having control of a social situation and that can be as minimal as making the conscious decision to go. For example, I’m going to Blogfest next month which I’m really excited about, and I have some control over how I choose to spend my day and which talks I want to attend. However, if someone suggests spontaneously that we go to some sort of party I can be a real spoil sport. I hate surprises. I really, really hate them and I think that’s mostly because I have a hard time controlling my face. If I don’t like something it is so obvious. So, I choose all my Christmas and Birthday presents and the idea of someone throwing me a birthday party makes me feel sick. I guess that goes back to being stubborn and self assured. No one will plan a better event for me, than me.

Inner Turmoil…yes, I think I can put on a brave face when I’m doing something I don’t want to do and if I’m feeling a bit crappy I will say something but not go into detail. But I get really angry sometimes. The tiniest things can really set me off and cause me great amounts of stress. I do, from time to time, suffer with depression quite badly too which I keep inside a lot. However, there are so many people that will disagree that I have a bad temper or ever lose my cool. I don’t very often I guess and these mood swings don’t last too long. I like the extreme happiness side though, that’s when I feel the most energetic and inspired.

Other points I’ve picked up about being a Capricorn say I’m very dependable and not very trusting. That’s true, if you want a job done do it yourself. I am the best at getting what I want and there’s not a lot of point asking someone else to do things for me. However, if a friend needs me, I do really try and help as much as I can. I’m also very rarely late. I don’t really have a lot of friends, but I hate seeing them sad and I’m quick to come back with a compliment. I do, however, hold grudges and I find it really hard to forgive and forget someone that has done me wrong or is rude.

The only thing that might be slightly off is business…mainly because I’m not very corporate I guess. I want to be successful and have lots of accomplishments in my working life but I want to work for myself for the rest of my life. I do not like having a boss and so a freelancer, blogger and potentially an Author seem like the best fits for me. However, I do work really hard on my blog and my writing. I do focus on my stats and look out for opportunities to make my blog better. I think I’m much better working alone too. I don’t really want to manage people or lead teams or businesses except my own. I’ve always worked better alone rather than as a team because I get a lot done on my own. I guess that comes back to having to depend and rely on other people, which I just hate doing.

Boring, serious, non-risk taker and responsible are words that come up a lot when describing a Capricorn. Personally, I don’t think I’m boring but then I guess I like myself so…I am serious though, I don’t really like taking risks although I have but they’ve been carefully thought out. I do take my responsibilities quite seriously though and sometimes tend to have the world on my shoulders. I frown a lot. The right way and wrong way to do things is very true to me. The right way is my way and hitting my expectations. I am also very disagreeable.

Reading on about wanting to prove my worth I can completely identify with this. I constantly seek approval and reassurance. I thrive on being told I’ve done a good job and a ‘well done’ goes a really long way with me. A loner that needs to feel appreciated is pretty much spot on for me actually. The one thing I’m not sure about is being indifferent to things. I think I’m pretty emotional most of the time any my expressions (of disappointment at least!) are pretty clear. I do struggle to ‘let people in’ though and I don’t feel there are many people that really know me as a person.

I agree that I’m ambitious and want my life to feel fufilled so I have a lot of plans of things I want to do and try. I like to plan and spend my money on experiences whether that be good food, holidays, cinema, day trips, new stuff…I’m quite materialistic but only for things I feel I’ve really worked hard for and earned. I prefer holidays to things though. Control in the romantic relationship so that they don’t appear vulnerable. I guess so, I make all the decisions really, but I guess that’s because Adam’s really laid back and just lets me get on with it. I don’t really think Adam see’s me as vulnerable though to be honest. I think he sees me as annoying when I wake him up too early and I talk too much.

I’ve gone really deep into this! I would mention that I live with two other earth signs and I do think that contributes to our happy household and understanding for each other. We’re all very grounded and I think we balance each other well however the three of us are also very stubborn!

On a related note, I found this Am I Psychic? inforgraphic really interesting from PsychicFuture.com



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