#SmearForSmear – The Truth About Cervical Screenings

Cervical Screening, Smear Test, Smear for Smear

This week is Cervical Cancer Awareness Week so I wanted to share some helpful stories from other women to get the conversation going about cervical screenings, or, commonly known as Smear tests. Throughout 22nd – 28th January you might see a lot of lipstick smeared selfies across social media and this is to encourage peopleRead more

Contraceptive Implant: Why I’m Having It Removed

Nexplanon Implant Experience and Stopping Hormonal Contraceptive

I’ve been on and off hormonal contraceptive since I was about 14. Starting with the combined pill Microgynon to help control heavy periods and reduce the pain I was having. It didn’t really work to be honest but you follow your doctor’s advice and hope for the best. Since then I’ve also had Cerazette, theRead more

#WorldMentalHealthDay – My Story

I’ve already read so many inspirational stories today for #WorldMentalHealthDay that are encouraging, supportive and so emotionally brave. I wanted to put words to post myself and share something meaningful. Something I hope will help others too. Mental Health affects us all, whether we’re suffering or smiling, or we are watching a family member goRead more