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5 Top Tips For Dating as a Single Parent

This is a collaborative post.

When I became a single parent I really wasn’t sure how I’d ever find the time to meet new people. How do single parents develop a social life that isn’t just other mums, creche groups or at the school playground? Particularly when you may not have family close by. Dating as a single parent can be really tough and feel quite lonely. I wanted to share a few tips to make single parent dating a little easier.

I met my partner on an online dating website and here we are four and a half years later. He’s taken on a loving role as a step father to my daughter and is raising a family with me. We have a nice life together but getting out and meeting him was tough. We started speaking online before exchanging phone numbers but with a two year old finding the time to talk was tough and I had to rely on babysitters or time when my child was with her dad to actually go out and spend time with my friends, as well as dating. I had a lot to fit in two weekends a month.

  1. Find a local dating site. You will probably be able to find one for your town or county such as Hampshire dating. This way you’re looking for people close to home which means you won’t have to think about unrealistic travel when you really may need to stay closer to home whilst dating.
  2. Make it clear you’re a parent or at least that you have other commitments outside dating. It’s lovely to have some adult time and we absolutely should however as a parent we need to let the people we’re meeting know that you will have priorities.
  3. Meet somewhere public. This is just really for safety when you’re going to meet someone online. I met Adam in the lobby of the cinema before going to watch a film and it was nice and relaxed.
  4. Meet in the middle for your first date. Do something you’re both going to enjoy so that you will both feel a little more comfortable.
  5. Have fun! That’s what dating is all about after all!

Have you ever used online dating before? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comments below!





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