adding value to your home

Adding Value to Your Home

This is a collaborative post.

There are so many simple and effective ways you can add value to your home these days. If you’re thinking of selling up then it’s a good time to finish off any touches that may have been neglected over the years. Or even if you just fancy increasing the value for the future, there are things that you can do over time to gradually increase the value.

I love the idea of decking in the back garden separated by a simple glass balustrade adding a contemporary feel to the garden and making the most of the space. Sitting there on a warm evening with friends, the BBQ going and a few glasses of wine…sounds like bliss, no? Having a low maintenance outside space is a big hit too especially for families who may not have the time to constantly weed and garden. If you have a front garden you might consider paving this over.

If you’re thinking about converting your loft it’s a big hit with buyers especially if you can retain some functional storage space up there whether that be made to measure wardrobes or cubby holes in small corners. An extra room can be used for so many things like an extra bedroom or office space. It’s good to keep all rooms light, bright and airy too. Another great room to convert is a garage if you have a driveway. This takes away the need for a shed, adds extra storage space for the home or can be used as a practical room. If you’re thinking of an extension then consider a airy conservatory or sun room. They retain lots of natural light and again can be used as an extra social or living space.

If you are adding value to sell then simple things like giving everything a good tidy over before taking photos or allowing viewings make such a huge difference. Buyers want to imagine their things in the house so the less clutter the better. Rooms with garish colours might put others off too so it might be an idea to keep things simple or revert back to a neutral colour. Take a good look around and consider anything that might need fixing up or modifying. Consider ways you might be able to use plastics in the home. For security you might want to make sure you have all the right locks on windows and doors, that they’re all working as they should be. Change any that are a bit dodgy!

What are your top tips to add value to your home?


  1. Good tips, we’re currently selling our house and the big thing we did before putting it on the market was have a big de-clutter! We even moved things out of the room for the photos with the estate agents.

  2. Hi Kat, unfortunately, we only rent our house, but if we were ever to buy a house with a nice back garden with a barbeque area and a sunroom would be things that I would certainly look for in a property.

    Thank you for linking up with the #MMBC.


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