bringing outdoor living inside

Bringing Outdoor Living Inside

This is a collaborative post.

I wish we had a garden. I say that all the time so one of our moving home checkboxes, when that eventually happens, is to have some outside space. I want to get out and about again, take care of a few herbs and plants. Colour the space with pretty potted plants and give Evie a little place to run around safely. I don’t want to constantly have to go out out just to enjoy being outside. There are so many gorgeous, stylish planters around these days too to suit pretty much any garden and keeping the maintance a bit lower too!

I loved having a garden as a child. I had this big bright yellow slide when I was younger that came around with us when we moved until it died on us. We have always had an outside space and I do enjoy wondering over to my mums in the warmer weather to sit in her garden space and I love how they’ve transformed it over the years by adding in a gorgeous decking, comfy outside rattan furniture, a big BBQ and a little gazebo to protect you from those summer showers.

We are a family that loves getting out and about as a result. We love walking holidays and exploring gorgeous scenery. We love visiting gardens and zoos to see a little more of the world that we just can’t have. We’ve even gone glamping to me one with the outdoors. Glamping is about as far as I can go. I need a proper bed, electricity and a hot coffee to function. We’ve also been making the most of the warm weather by getting out and about to the local park so Evie can have a proper run around.

My nan’s garden gives us a bit of garden envy too and another I’ve seen transform over the years from seeing a conservatory added in, trees being cut down, a few ponds that are now artificial grass and the garden patch they have for growing veggies. I recently came home with a big stuck of rhubarb thanks to my nan and made a pretty tasty (slimming world friendly!) dessert with them. My nan has also got Adam helping out with a bit of gardening lately which is good practice for when the day comes and we actually have a space of our own. At least someone will know how to take care of it.

However, there are still a few ways you can bring the outside world into your home. We don’t have a balcony exactly but we do have doors that open up in our living room with some railing that would be so easy to hang some gorgeous window boxes from to fill with flowers and plants. Having a big bouquet of fresh flowers in the home can really brighten up a room too, and bring in the smell of spring or summer. We could always invest in some house plants too. I’d love to get some in the bathroom once I eventually redecorate it to give it a bit more of a spa feel.

How do you make good use of your garden?

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