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Detoxing Your Life

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We live in a world of indulgence. Fast food, fast cars and even faster internet means that we are constantly on the go. This life of indulgence takes an incredible toll on our bodies and our health, and sometimes we don’t realise it until it’s too late. Our food and our air are full of chemicals and toxins and this can get so bad that we need to regularly detox to stay healthy. Health doesn’t just point to our food and drink, it also points to our mental health. By detoxing regularly, you can keep your body free of chemicals as much as you can, and you can ensure that your mind is clear and healthy, too. There are many ways to detox your life, and we’re going to talk about them point by point.

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Detoxing your life isn’t just about switching from sangrias to just water or burgers to salads, and if you’re trying to lose weight, detoxing first can help. Weight loss and detoxing often go hand in hand, with diet ideas of dropping fat or sugar from your diet effective weight loss solutions. You can even use shake diets as meal replacement. You too can lose weight and keep it off with Ideal Shape shakes, as well as switching out a meal a day for a green smoothie like this one. Swapping your lifestyle so that you are eating foods that are nutritionally complete instead of relying on takeaway food or fast food is going to help you to lose weight effectively. Starting your day with hot water and fresh lemon is going to clean your system out from top to bottom, which is a small but effective way to start your detox.

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The level of chemical products in your home may surprise you, but your kitchen and bathroom cabinets are full of them. It may be news to you, but the toxins in these cleaners are the cause of all kinds of issues. Respiratory and gastrointestinal issues can arise simply from breathing the fumes and while they won’t be immediately affecting your health, the long-term build-up in your system can lead to long-term illnesses and even death. It’s better to look for more organic solutions for your household. Things like looking for cleaning recipes like these which use lemons and hot water as a cleanser and using baking soda as toothpaste. It’s not easy to lead a detoxified life, but by starting on your home it’s a good jumping off point.

Your cleaning cupboard isn’t the only place packed with chemicals. Do you have a skincare routine? You wouldn’t expect that putting the products on your skin daily would be bad for you, after all, they have to pass rigorous tests to make it to the shelves. Swapping your cosmetics for more natural products can make a big difference to your health. Try out this list of natural cosmetics and you’ll soon notice a huge difference in your life. Long-term use of over the counter ibuprofen and other drugs can also have a negative effect. Sure, they help in the short-term, but check out this list of natural headache remedies. Turn away from chemicals and go natural in your life and in your pain relief.

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One of the biggest parts of detoxing your life is shedding the toxic people from your life. toxic influences have a marked negative effect on your wellbeing and mental health. Being consistently exposed to harmful words from others can be a poison on your self-esteem and your confidence. It has been widely documented that negative emotions impact your health. Why put yourself through it if you don’t need to? Removing toxins includes toxic people, so make a change today to distance yourself from harmful influences.

If you are a smoker or a drinker, it’s time to stop. Smoking over a long period of time is damaging to your health. Not just your lungs and your heart, but your skin, mental health and to be honest, it smells. There are plenty of detox programmes out there to help you to quit and start reversing the signs of aging that have likely crept up on you earlier than you thought. It’s the same when it comes to drinking excessively. You need to get a handle on what you are feeding your body and do better for yourself.

A detox is all about starting over and preserving what you can, for as long as possible. Don’t wait around – start your detox today.




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