Don’t Let Cigarette Smoke Cloud The Trip Of A Lifetime

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Travelling is an awesome way to experience the world and meet new people. But, it doesn’t always go to plan, especially if you are a smoker. You won’t realise this now, but cigarettes tend to get in the way when you are abroad. Of course, that is alluding to the cost aspect because they don’t come cheap. Let’s face it – no one wants to waste their money and come back early. Anyway, the heat makes you smoke more, and that will put your health in jeopardy. Therefore, the solution is to quit or cut down while you are away. Is it easy? No way. Is it possible? Yes, with the following tips.

Don’t Go Cold Turkey

If you are worried about the amount you will smoke, there is a temptation to quit. The problem with going cold turkey is two-fold. Firstly, it doesn’t work because the cravings are too strong to fight. After a while, your addiction will tempt you back into smoking, and it might make the addiction even stronger. More importantly, quitting instantaneously is bad for your health as it is a major shock. The best option is to cut down before and during your trip, and gradually work your way to an end goal.

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Don’t Let The Price Fool You

Lots of people will counter the argument by saying that cigarettes are cheaper abroad than at home. There is no doubt this is true as an average pack costs considerably less. But, you are comparing apples to oranges because you are not taking your budget into account. At home, the cost is high and so is your budget. Abroad, the cost is low and so is your budget. The result is that the price difference doesn’t have the impact you would like. In truth, it still takes away a significant amount from your financial plan.

Replace The Addiction

One proven way to cut down and quit is to replace the addiction with another. For obvious reasons, the alternative has to be healthy or else it is a pointless task. Now, lots of people think that a vape starter kit does not fit the bill, but they are wrong. As long as you do it properly, vaping is a healthy and legitimate way to drop the habit. Or, you can try picking up a hobby while you are abroad. Some people, for example, like to take cooking classes to learn more about indigenous dishes. The choice is yours.

Get Out

The best way to give up smoking is to forget it altogether. At home, this is not as easy as your life revolves around a cigarette packet. When you are travelling, the dynamic changes because of the culture. Quite simply, there is too much to see and do to worry about smoking. As long as you embrace getting up in the morning and staying out late at night, you won’t notice the cravings.

Finally, and this is a hard one, try to cut down on the alcohol. Most people are social smokers and drinking causes the cravings to come back with a vengeance.

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