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What To Expect When Relocating With The Kids

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Uprooting is a tough prospect for children. It’s a lot of change and a lot of getting used to something totally different that they are simply not used to. Dispensing with the drama of moving is an essential if you want to settle the kids into their new surroundings quickly. It’s so much easier to move with children while they’re young, than doing it when they’re much older, as young children are easy to adapt to a new environment. Older children and teenagers find it harder to let go and make new friends in comparison, so when you need to relocate for a job or for even just a change of scenery, you need to be careful how you go about it.

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Preparing your children is not going to be easy, but getting the children ready means getting them involved in every single step of the moving process with you. Your stress can only be alleviated by knowing they’re okay with everything and of course, they’re going to fight against it! It’s very likely you’ll hear cries of them wanting to ‘go home’, when of course, they are home! It’s just a new home. Keeping their routines as close to the norm as possible is so very important when you start the moving process, they can feel secure. Security is so important, from the moment you look for storage units near you to the day you get the kids bundled in the car. They need to feel safe about everything and it’s for this reason that a move and all that comes with it needs transparency from you.

Moving to a new home is already complicated and when you add scared children and a change in schooling to the mix, you’re going to find yourself stressed. Children make planning to relocate across the country – if not the world – more difficult as you’re not just considering your own needs. You have to take their feelings and their needs into account. When it comes to finding a house, have someone look after the children for you so that you can concentrate on the actual house-hunting and not spend your time looking after the kids while half paying attention! If you need to bring them with you, bring a friend to keep them distracted so you can ask the right questions.

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Preparation is going to also include talking about the move. Discuss it in the weeks and months before you even begin looking for a house. This way, they can be ready for the changes as they are made. For a large percentage of families, moving once is just enough, but for others such as those in the military, moving comes with a territory. The constant uprooting can be difficult but as long as you are consistent in your preparation and ensure they feel secure and looked after, your home move can be a smooth one. Children are resilient, so treat them as such and you’ll be surprised.

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