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How do you like your homes?

This is a collaborative post.

Our furnishing, niknaks and belongings really do say a lot about us as people, I think. I like the idea of minimalism but in reality, I like clutter. Necessary clutter, of course, but I like my home to be full of things. I like big comfy sofas and dark coloured wood. I love high tech gadgets and bookshelves that are almost collapsing from the books they hold. I like a place where I feel comfortable with my family.

My home is a way that shows off what I love and sometimes what I love is a little different. One of my favourite items is a Stag chalkboard which we are using to count down our holiday on. I also have a stag doorstop. Before the stag we had the ‘Naughty Strawberry’ which really isn’t as much of an innuendo as it sounds. When E was young we very much used the ‘naughty corner’ approached when she was misbehaving, it happened a lot to be honest, and there were times we would find random objects and toys in said corner. Many a time, the strawberry doorstop had clearly misbehaved and E had put it in it’s place.

I love unique homewares and UncommonGoods have a great array of fantastic things to make your home truly unique. I’ve compiled a bit of a wishlist of things that I would love to have in my home.


Quirky Homes, Uncommon Goods

Picture from Uncommon Goods

I absolutely love this stunning Dreamcatcher Wall Clock. What a lovely piece to have in a bright and airy bedroom? I like to know the time and I think this would fit into my room really quite nicely. I love the shape of the clock and the little blue feathers are really pretty.

Owl lamp, quirky homes

Picture from Uncommon Goods

I love Owls so much so I think this little touch lamp is super cute.

How do you like your homes? Any interesting or quirky furnishings?


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