Beauty in Cannes

Nice To Cannes: 30 Kilometers Of Glamor, Culture And Beauty

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Nice to Cannes

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The South Of France. It is one of those phrases that carries the lure and luxe of old Hollywood, and that is because it has been drawing the biggest stars in the world to its Mediterranean shores for over 70 years. There is St Tropez, Toulon, Marseille, and Sainte-Maxime. Mmmmm. It is like nowhere else on earth because this is where heaven creeps out of the sea. But you don’t need to explore the vast stretch of coast to get glamor, culture and that big city buzz. No, you just need to explore the 30 kilometer stretch of sand between Nice and Cannes, stopping only the once along the way. Just remember to have an awesome camera on hand; it’s a must-have essential on this stretch of bliss.

Nice To Be In Nice

Chances are, you’ll fly into Nice given it is one of the larger cities in France, and there is no better place to get your stay underway. Whether old or young, it has something for everyone, starting with the Promenade des Anglais, which offers one of the most famous and most relaxing strolls anywhere in Europe. You can easily lose a couple of days here, starting at the Parc de la Colline du Chateau, stopping at any one of the fourteen private beaches and ending at the Ancient Chateau. There just isn’t anywhere more picturesque to get the perfect snap of the port and announce your arrival via the medium of Instagram. Trust us.

The Awe-Inspiring Antibes

The French Riviera demands to be traveled in style, and that means you only have two options; hugging the sea on an electric scooter that makes no noise or driving a classic convertible that makes too much noise. This is the place you want to stop for some culture because it was the place where people like Picasso, De Stael, and Hemingway all called home at some point in their lives. Just close enough to pop into Cannes and just far enough away to escape the noise and lap up the tide; this is the place where Hollywood comes for some calm. As for the ‘we made it here’ photo, you have to get your camera out at Cap d’Antibes.

You Can’t Beat Cannes

The most famous film festival on the circuit calls Cannes home, and it has done for over 70 years now, which is partly the reason this place is known as the epitome of glamor. It might well have been a quaint fishing village once upon a time, but it has now become a place of luxury where glitz and glamor come together for a lifetime of passion. La Croisette, the everlasting beach, the row upon row of luxury boutique shops and a penthouse suite in the Martinez hotel will set you back over $35,000 a night. But for all that power and prestige, it also houses a weird tranquility and a nice slow pace. There is so many places we can recommend, from the little pizza place with the red facade on the corner of the dock to the La Palais. But we must recommend climbing the clock tower in Le Suquet in order to get the best views of Cannes and it’s staggeringly beautiful bay.

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