what your hallway says about you

Over The Threshold – What Your Hallway Says About You

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If you love having friends over and entertaining guests at home chances are you’re quite house-proud. You love having a place others can call home, at least while they’re enjoying your company there. You probably keep it tidy and smelling fresh, even during the week when you’re busy. You want to make the right impression, especially when friends pop over unannounced. But what is their first impression of your home and is it the one you want to convey? Let’s start at the front door.

Your front door is the first thing anyone sees as they approach your home. On the outside, the weather beats down on it and can leave it looking quite dirty. At night it may be dark. How well is your porch area lit? Are you happy your front door is in good condition, or does it need a fresh coat of paint? The interior side of the door can also suffer a few knocks and scrapes as bags brush past on the way out. A strong cleaner or paint touch up is often the cheapest way to revamp this. This is the last thing guests see as they leave, so it needs to look as fresh and immaculate as the exterior side.

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Most of us have a doormat in the hallway for guests to wipe their shoes as they come in. This is where you can start to personalise your hallway. You can order a bespoke mat with a specific message. If you love cats or music, try a shaped one – it’s quirky and fun! Guests have looked down at your mat, but what do they see when they look up again? What colour are the walls, and is the lighting good? Contemporary chandeliers look great in the hallway, and some can be angled to provide light upon certain walls or on the floor.

If you’re refreshing your hallway wall paint, why not consider adding some colourful personal touches? You can hang some frames that hold multiple photographs of all the friends and family members that visit most often. It’s something fun to look at as they come in. Do you have a mirror? Not only does it give the illusion of a bigger space, but it’s practical for checking your appearance as you come in or out!

So far, you might have some quirky items and friendly photos in the hallway. You might have chosen a fresh new colour and used attractive lighting to highlight your favourite features here. All of these things speak volumes about your style choices and your personality. They give the place character. But perhaps the most important thing you should consider for the hallway is how welcoming it feels. Does it draw your guests through it and into the living space? Is it warm and friendly, or stark and minimalist like an office reception?

Hallways aren’t big spaces, but they can certainly make a big impression. They need to be practical but also need to welcome guests into the house. Do you have a place to hang a coat or leave your shoes? Do you have a chair there or does the layout encourage guests to come through and sit in the living room? What does your hallway say about you?

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