celebrating women in business

#FEW – Celebrating Women in Business

*Female Entrepreneur Week is from 21st-30th June 2017.

I am so excited to be promoting Female Entrepreneur week and speaking with other successful women in business. I am really passionate about coming together, being the best version of yourself and growing in life and in business which I believe entrepreneurship is all about. For the next few days I am going to be showcasing some women in business and the stories they have to share. First in the line up is Molly Gower who has a business with a direct sales company. You can find more information about her business here or follow her on Facebook.

Celebrating Women in Business with Female Entrepreneur Week

1.       Who are you and What’s Your business?
My name is Molly Gower, I’ve just turned 21 and I work full time for my JuicePlus business. 

2.       How would you define a female entrepreneur?
A women who’s seen a life changing opportunity outside of the ‘9-5’ life, taken the opportunity and used it to change their and their family’s life’s for the better.

3.       How would you define success?
Achieving your targets and goals. Creating a life better than it was previously.

4.       What is the best thing your business has done for you?
My business has enabled me to become completely full time at the age of 20, earning me more of a monthly salary that I could have achieve ever in full time work. It has given me complete time freedom to create the life I dream of.

5.       What was your lightbulb moment? When did you really decide to commit to your business idea and start making it a reality?
I really started to become stressed and unhappy at my full time job. I decided my only chance out of the 9-5 was to give my part time business every spare second I had- so I did.

6.       What keeps you motivated?
My family- I want to make them proud and to be able to provide everything I need/would like to for my children when I start my family.

7.       What has been your proudest moment?
Helping team members reach promotions that they dreamed off- enabling them to receive full time wages.

8.       What do you enjoy doing for fun?
I like going to the gym, going on holidays and spending my mornings running with my dad.

9.       Who inspires you?
Within my business- Natalie Young. She’s a 5 figure monthly earner.
Outside the business- my parents. They have the most inspiring work ethics.

10.   How do you pull through a bad day in business? 
I remember the good times, why I started the business, and what I know I’m going to achieve.

Thank you so much Molly for taking part in this little interview series. I hope other women in business will relate to what you have to say and enjoy reading your answers.

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