A Royal Tea Party

Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen, A Royal Tea Party, 90th, Tea partyIn celebration of the Royal birthday my daughter is having a bit of fun at school and I wanted to show of her outfit and tell you all about it.

With today being the Queen’s birthday my daughter has been learning all about her recently and looking forward to celebrating a Red White and Blue Royal tea party at school. We’ve all been asked to donate some cake or biscuits for the children…I wanted to go ahead and make something but last night I just didn’t have the energy for baking…well, the energy that is cleaning up the absolute carnage that comes with baking in my kitchen anyway! So we’ve opted for some Mr Kipling chocolate slices instead.

I think Mini Kat is dressed pretty well for the occasion too and was happy to remember we had a dress with all three colours on! I had major visions of fashion clashing for today. Sure the socks and trainers are a little out of place but…hey! It’s also supposed to be quite grey and cloudy where we are but convincing little miss to wear a pair of tights was a tough battle. We compromised and I said I would put her socks in her book bag in case it got warm later but she needed to wear a pair of tights on the way…it’s a half an hour walk and early mornings plus grey clouds do not usually make for promising weather conditions! I think she’d fit right in with the Royals! queens 90th birthday outfit, tea party outfit, kids fashion, kids tea party, red white and blue dress, red white and blue dress down

I will be celebrating with a lovely cup of tea and a slice of strawberry mousse cake I made the other day. I might even have two slices…I mean, The Queen is ninety…that is a huge cause for celebration! We’ve had some fabulous birthday occasions in the past. My daughters birthday last year was great fun!cake, strawberry mousse cake, eating cake, tea party, royal birthday tea party

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