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The Best Chocolate Brownies – Pink Pepper Kitchen Review

February always seems to be a bit of a month for indulgence and splashing out for me! After January is behind us, pay day has hit our banks and the shortest month of the year is at the front of our calendars I can’t help but think it’s a month of treats. Especially with Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day in this home, Valentines Day and hopefully warmer weather approaching us. I really like February, it’s one of my favourite months. What has made this month exceptionally lovely is receiving a beautiful little tin of Pink Pepper Kitchen chocolate brownies in the post and oh my I am so glad I did. I will hands down say that they are the best, most indulgent, chocolate gooey brownies I have ever had.

Pink Pepper Kitchen Chocolate Brownies

Our brownies arrived with Royal Mail, a day after delivery and wrapped up in pink paper. Looking over at Pink Pepper Kitchen the website has a few different tins to choose from making these brownies an ideal gift for loved ones and each is priced at £15. The tin can obviously be used again for something else as it’s quite decorative and obviously saves in gift wrapping and you can get it sent straight over to a friend too. I really like the tin actually and it has made a nice little fixture in my kitchen now the brownies have sadly been eaten.

Pink Pepper Kitchen Tin, Chocolate Brownies

Opening up the brownies I was surprised to see lots of glitter on the brownies and big chunks of nuts inside too which made it look even more indulgent. It was a super slab of brownie which could easily be split up into eight bite-sized pieces. You could easily split this into two very nice size brownies for puddings – perhaps a lovely treat for a valentines night in this year? We shared them between the three of us and a friend of mine who is trying to be extra good with her healthy eating had a bite too – she also loved them but refrained from demolishing three, as I did. My daughter who is a complete chocoholic really loved them too and was eyeing up the plate from the moment they came into the living room. It’s safe to say they were a big hit between us all and we would absolutely buy them again.

Pink Pepper Kitchen Tin, Chocolate Brownies

Looking at the Pink Pepper Kitchen you can get regular brownies, gluten free, vegan and double chocolate brownies. I love that the kitchen is incorporating more food groups into their recipes and this really does make them an ideal gift for all.

Pink Pepper Kitchen Tin, Chocolate Brownies Pink Pepper Kitchen Tin, Chocolate Brownies

I’m sure you will agree that these look delicious and I can assure you they really were. I very much recommend them, an excellent £15 spend and easy to order online at Pink Pepper Kitchen.

Disclaimer: I was gifted a tin of brownies in exchange for this feature. All opinions are my own. 

Best Chocolate Brownies Review with Pink Pepper Kitchen


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