christmas stress

Christmas…Stress Wrapped in a Bow.

I love Christmas. I always have and now I have a child to celebrate the day with and my own family I always will but Christmas is a stressful time of year. I should be more prepared, I should be more organised, it happens every year on the same day. We all know it’s looming and savings and holidays seem to revolve around it. It would be an understatement to say I am excited about Christmas this year, because I am completely and utterly over-the-moon ecstatic about Christmas this year for so many reasons.

Firstly, it’s the first ‘real’ Christmas with Mini-KAT. Last year was the first Christmas in her three years that she wasn’t with me as I made the decision to let her stay with her dad for Christmas. This was because I was living in a hostel, money was tight, and I knew that if I was prepared to do alternate Christmas day’s with my ex then I would have Mini-KAT with me this year. Meaning this year I could go all out in our new family home. I was aiming to be much more prepared however I haven’t been. I am not at all organised. But I still can not wait to begin celebrating.

I really enjoy planning things and I love making to do lists, spreadsheets, colour co-ordinating flow charts and family planners but I just haven’t done it this year. Perhaps I already know my resolution for next year; Be More Prepared. For that I am on the lookout for some family planners to help. One thing I really like the idea of is a family planner calender. I love the idea of this one from amazon. I really love the theme of the planner as it incorporates all members of my household. Myself and the boyfriend know this book from our childhood and I think the illustrations and adventure theme might inspire us to do a little more adventuring together as a family. I also think it’s much easier to see the week or month events in advance, all on one piece of paper where we can all see where everyone needs to be on what date and who is free to control the situation. I think it will also help seeing what finances are coming in on what day, how much, what needs to go where and what we can have left over to save for Christmas.

Another thing I am really looking forward to is spending the day with mine and the boyfriend’s family. Previously I’ve not enjoyed sharing traditions with others but my boyfriend has such a lovely family that I can’t wait to join in on their celebrations. It sounds like it’s going to be a great gathering of people, my dad and daughter are even welcome to join in at my boyfriend’s home with his mum and family so I really can’t wait to have a great lunch with great people. However along with Christmas there comes the stress of planning the actual day of who goes what and where and when, who is cooking this and who is bringing that. I am trying to fit in a morning present opening extravaganza at my home with my dad, boyfriend and daughter, dinner with everyone else and then home in time for supper, some evening drinks with my mum, step dad and sisters and of course more presents. I hope to end the day snuggled up in my onesie feeling full and content. However people pleasing can be a massive Christmas stress.

Gift buying is probably the most stressful part about Christmas. Who to buy for, how much to spend…so far I’ve bought ONE present, for my mum, although it’s something she’ll love. I have an idea of what to get everyone else but I just haven’t yet and with starting a new job and money being all over the place I don’t even know when I’m going to be getting the gifts. Along with the actual gifts there is also the wrapping, cards, gift bags and so on that go with it. Endless hours wrapped in a rubble of sellotape and paper that is always never enough or too much for the gift you’re wrapping; or at least it pretty much always is in my case…

The last thing for me to consider this year is Household Decorations because I don’t yet have a christmas tree. Being our first Christmas in our home it’s another expense that I’ll have to think about and may require a few trips to poundland.

But it really doesn’t matter because I can’t wait for Christmas! Bring on the stress!

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