cooking with Gousto meals

Cooking with Gousto

This week really has been all about food hasn’t it? I’ve recently been making plenty of super tasty midweek meals and experimenting with new flavours. A lot of this has been inspired by joining Slimming World and making lots of changes to my diet but I’ve also had the absolute pleasure of trying Gousto which is a meal delivery service.

On Friday I received a box of delicious goodies with full recipe cards to create some tasty meals. The service is great. You can pick and choose that day you want your delivery and pick and choose the recipes you want for either two or four people. I went with two as we were having one of those lovely childfree weekends.

Meal Planning With Gousto

I really loved being able to pick what I wanted to eat as that helped when it came to planning my meals. Everything you need in the recipe kit comes in fully insulated chilled bags to keep it nice and fresh. I decided on tasty sticky chilli beef wraps and turkish lamb with dill infused bulger wheat. Both were delicious and both are highly recommended. The recipe kit came with literally everything we needed from the right amount of garlic, individual sachets and all the vegetables you’d need. You didn’t need to buy anything else. However, we are doing Slimming World so we substituted the mayo and the yoghurt for a fat free version. This didn’t hinder the taste. The box came with full recipe cards which are really easy to follow.

On the Saturday night we enjoyed the chilli wraps. Usually we opt for the large wraps but because we’re trying to get healthy the small ones were perfect and three each of these were very filling. There was enough here to feed the three of us if Evie had been home. To compensate we didn’t have any other bread during the day, although we couldn’t use the bread as a healthy extra, I’m glad we only had one carb heavy meal.

Sticky Chilli Lime Wraps

On Sunday, for lunch, we tried the Turkish lamb with bulger wheat and it was so delicious. I loved the dill bulger wheat, it was so fresh and tasty. The garlic yoghurt gave it a lovely creamy finish and it was nice to have lamb for a change. We had to syn the lamb, however, I would happily make this again, perhaps substituting the lamb mince for a lower fat version. Gousto do have lower calorie options available but with most of this being fresh vegetables and spices I was happy with what we had. The yoghurt and mayo will go to use thanks to small energetic child. I loved that we followed this with another middle eastern inspired dish too for dinner.

Turkish Lamb and Bulger Wheat

I think Gousto is a great way to really try some new flavours. At the moment you can get 50% off your first two boxes which makes it an absolute bargain to sign up for. I will be using this service again in the future if I need some inspiration.

Disclaimer: I received this recipe kit in exchange for this feature. All opinions are my own.




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