eating in with everdine meals

Eating in with Everdine

I received a eight frozen meals from Everdine for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

It is no secret that I love food. It’s also no secret that I want to lose weight so having a selection of low calorie, healthy meals frozen and ready for microwave cooking sounded like the type of campaign I wanted to get involved in. To make room for this campaign in my life I haven’t been strictly following my regular eating plan but I feel I’ve had a great selection of healthy, filling and really tasty meals over the last week.

Everdine Ready Meals Review

Ordering was simple, I selected a mix of eight veggie and meat meals, date for delivery and organised ordering. My box came nice and early on a Friday morning and all meals were frozen and fully insulated. My first thought was that the meals were all really good sizes. The food was in a microwave suitable box with a film lid and a card sleeve. We popped the meals in the freezer ready to have over the coming week. We’re not vegetarians but I sometimes like to opt for a veggie meal and to be honest I really liked the sound of them. There were lots of great meals to choose and I really liked that you could choose your ideal delivery date.

Everdine Meal Review

Jerk Chicken with Pineapple Salsa

A full box of eight meals is £55.20 with free courier delivery. Personally, I feel this is really expensive. The quality of the meals are worth it but with a family of three and this only covering one meal, I couldn’t justify this as a weekly alternative to my regular food shop. I think it would work nicely if I was spending a week away or a week alone or perhaps as something to order every so often to have good quality ready meals in the freezer for those occasions that I don’t fancy cooking. I think if I had a few just in case it would really help to deter me from ordering takeaways or buying unhealthy food that I don’t need.

Everdine Ready Meals Review

I had two favourites from the menu. Lamb chops with feta cous cous was a huge hit, it was absolutely delicious and so filling. It really felt like a proper plate of food. I also absolutely loved the Gyozas with miso ramen. It made a really filling meal and was full of flavour. Adam’s favourite was the pulled pork and beans which looked really good. I do think Everdine is worth trying and sometime I might consider buying every so often in the future as an alternative to cooking. There is also the option to have 12 meals delivered for a bit more money.

If you want to try Everdine yourself you can get £25 off your first box.

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